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With BrowseReporter’s URL categorization tool you can track the categories of URLs and domains visited in your network—even on Terminal Server and Remote Desktop Services!

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BrowseReporter URL Categories Visited Report

Websites are automatically tracked and categorized by BrowseReporter using the categories database.

Website categories are regularly updated to include new websites, domains, and URLs so you’ll always have a high-level overview of the types of websites visited by the people you are monitoring.

BrowseReporter has dozens of reports to choose from. Use this powerful employee monitoring software to review web history based on productive vs unproductive time, track search engine queries, bandwidth usage, and more!

Check out the web activity reports page for the full list.

  • Save time reviewing reports by previewing the nature of the websites tracked without visiting them manually.
  • Discover users that are visiting websites related to porn, hacking, drugs, social media, and more.
  • See which categories of websites your employees spend the most time on.

Website Categories Checker

Combine BrowseReporter’s URL category tracking with BrowseControl’s web category lookup tool to find out what URL categories a given website belongs to.

    Screenshot of the URL filter from BrowseControl, CurrentWare's web filtering software
    CurrentWare website reclassification tool

    The Benefits of a URL Categorization Tool

    Monitoring the categories of websites visited by employees is important for contextualizing their web browsing habits.

    BrowseReporter’s URL category tracking makes employee monitoring simple by providing a high-level overview of the types of websites visited during the work day.

    • Improve Efficiency: Save time reviewing employee monitoring reports. Quickly identify the nature of unfamiliar websites without manually visiting each one.
    • Inappropriate Surfing: Filter internet monitoring data to display categories of websites that go against your acceptable use policies such as porn, gambling, and hate.
    • Employee Productivity: Discover employees that are browsing social media and games sites on company time.

    Combine With BrowseControl’s Category Filtering Feature

    BrowseReporter and BrowseControl operate from the same central console, giving you full visibility and control over employee web browsing. 

    • Meet CIPA compliance by blocking categories of websites that are not age-appropriate such as porn
    • Effortlessly block millions of websites across 100+ URL categories
    • Customize the website category database locally to suit the needs of your environment

    Learn More: Web Category Filtering With BrowseControl


    Screenshot of the URL filter from BrowseControl, CurrentWare's web filtering software
    Browse Reporter

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    List of Website Categories Available
    for Blocking & Monitoring

    The URL categorization database is used by BrowseControl’s category filtering feature and BrowseReporter’s internet activity reports, giving you full control and insights into the types of web content being accessed by students, employees, and patrons.

    URL Category Category Description Safe for Kids? Contains Nudity?
    Abortion and pregnancy Sites that talk about: Pregnancy, Abortion, Pregnancy termination, Pro life and Pro choice No No
    Actors and models This category appears only when filtering search results it will appear when the search result is an actor/model. Maybe Maybe
    Ads Sites that serve ads, or are an ads agency (ads agency are preferably marketing or marketing/ads, but sometimes it's impossible to distinguish) Depends Maybe
    Adult Sites that contain adult content, either graphically or in text, but is not Pornographic in nature. No Maybe
    Adult dating Sites that deal with adult dating (contains sexual content). No Maybe
    AI Sites that are about AI (artificial intelligence) or offer such services Yes No
    Alcohol Sites that deal with alcohol, this includes: Wine, Brewing, Winemaking, Vineyards, Beer and bars. No No
    Alternative medicine Sites that are about alternative medicine Yes No
    Annoyances Sites that are annoying, mostly popups, this category is provided for PerPageSDK only. Maybe Maybe
    Anorexy Sites that are about: Anorexy, Bulemia, and eating disorders. No No
    API Hosts that are use as an API for software/browser, which don't have visible data. Yes No
    Arts Sites about: Arts, Arts museums, Plays, Paintings, Poems, and Artists. Yes No
    Astrology Sites that deal with divination: Astrology, Palmistry, Cold reading methods, Card reading, Tarot and seeing the future. Yes No
    Banks Banking sites Yes No
    Beauty and Fashion Sites that talk about: Life style, Beauty, Personal care, Wrist watches, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Personal grooming, Hair/Nail salons and Weddings. Depends Light
    Bitcoin Bitcoin and other crypto currency related sites Yes No
    Blogs Sites that are blogs, if the content of the site is not safe, it will be in another or extra category. Yes No
    Bookmarks Sites that are a repository of bookmarks, can be a social bookmarking service as well. Yes No
    Books or comics Sites that are about: Books, Libraries, Book shops and Author's pages. There are new category for comics, the name in the category is for backward compatibility only. Yes No
    Business and services Sites belonging to a business or a service provider that doesn't fall under any of the other categories. Yes No
    Bypass protection Sites that are used to bypass parental controls software and components, VPN and Proxies fall under the Proxy category. No Maybe
    CDN CDN Sites, they serve content of others, some CDNs can server both safe and unsafe sites. Depends Maybe
    Celebrity gossip Sites that are about celebrity gossip, if contains nudity, it will come with an additional category that indicates it. Maybe Maybe
    Chats Sites that are mostly online chats, or chat/messaging applications. Depends No
    Classifieds Classifieds sites, second hand sales/services, yelp. Yes No
    Clothing and fashion Sites that are about: Clothing/shoes, Fashion, Clothing/shoes shop, Hand bags, clothing/shoes manufacturer. Yes No
    Community and society Sites that are about: Charity, Community (helping other), Fundraising. Yes No
    Computer games Sites that are about computer games or online games (some games can be violent like GTA). Depends No
    Consumer reviews Consumer and products review sites Yes No
    Contact sport Sites that are about contact sports, like: Martial arts, WWE, UFC and MMA. Yes No
    Cooking and food Sites that are about: Cooking, Food, Non alcoholic beverages, Recipes, Food shopping - excluding restaurants. Yes No
    Crime Sites that are about crime (either covering it, or giving crime instructions) No Maybe
    Dancing Sites that are about dancing Yes No
    Dating Dating sites. No No
    Depress domain Sites that are about sad topics such as : Obituaries, Cemeteries, Crematorium, Funerals, Jail, Prison, Disasters and more. Maybe No
    Depress page Will only appear at page level classification, it indicates the same as Depress domain, only at a page level (for example an article about a disaster in CNN). Maybe No
    Desktop themes Sites that offer: Screensavers, Desktop themes, E cards, Greeting cards, and Social sites covers. Yes No
    Diet Sites that are about: Diet, Weight loss and Weight gain. Yes No
    Directories Sites that are: Directories with many sites, Scraped statistics about uptime/downtime. Maybe Maybe
    DNS error site can't be resolved Site can't be resolved. No Maybe
    Drugs Sites that are about: Illegal drugs, Dispensaries - although some countries legalized CBD/THC products, it's still classified as drugs. No Maybe
    Education Sites that belong to: Schools, Kinder gardens, Colleges, Universities and Educational software/guides. Yes No
    Empty site While scanning the site it didn't return any result, which means site can't be verified. No Maybe
    Entertainment Sites about: Movie reviews, Entertainment, Magazines about entertainment, Events, Night life, may contain streaming media, does not contain downloadable media. Yes No
    Error site can't be accessed While scanning the site there was an error, which means site can't be verified. No Maybe
    File hosting Sites that allow users to host their files for internal use or public sharing, files content isn't verified (may contain nudity or warez). Depends Maybe
    Finance Sites that are about: Financial information, Investing, Stock exchange, Credit, Accounting, Payment gateways, business plans and models. Yes No
    Fitness Sites that are about fitness, like: Yoga, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Diet in context of fitness and Fitness. Yes No
    Forex Sites that talk about or offer: Forex or Binary options services Yes No
    Forums Forums or groups site. Yes No
    Gambling Sites that have: Gambling games, Sports betting, Betting statistics, Lottery, or gambling information (gambling addictions will be under health). No Maybe
    Gender specific Sites that have content aimed for a specific gender, for example, men's magazine, or women's portal. Yes No
    General - not porn Sites that our classifier could not find any suitable category for them. It means that they couldn't be classified as unsafe as well. Depends Maybe
    General (safe) No known category, but considered safe (no pornography, drugs, gambling, adult, alcohol, tobacco), it is used mostly for sites that can confuse URL Classification algorithms because of words like Essex and similar variations. Yes No
    Government Sites that belong to the government or governmental agencies. Yes No
    Grief Sites that are about: Grief, Loss and Grief/Loss support. No No
    Hacking Sites that are about: Hacking, Cracking, Stolen data and mobile jailbreak. No No
    Hate Sites that are about hate toward: Genders, Race, Religion. Also: Holocaust denial, Pro Nazi. No Maybe
    History Sites about: Historical events, Historical figures and past wars. Yes No
    Hobbies Sites that are about various type of: Hobbies, Crafts, RC Cars, Collectables and also gardening. Yes No
    Home improvement Sites about: Home improvements, Decorating, Home items and DIY sites. Yes No
    HostExt white list This category exists only inside the SDK, it means the URL request extension will not be checked, or the site is white listed. Yes No
    How to Sites that are user generated content with How to guides. If contains adult content it will come with an additional category that indicates it. Yes No
    Humor Sites with: Jokes, Humor related content, and Standup comedy. Yes No
    Hunting and fishing Sites that are about: Hunting and Fishing information or equipment, Taxidermy and Game (hunting related). Depends No
    Illegal Sites that offer illegal products like fake IDs, diplomas, etc (sites for drugs, warez, weapons are under their own category). No Maybe
    Image and video hosting Sites that give the ability go host images, videos and image/video search engine. Mixed Maybe
    Image block Used for search results only, the sites may host bad images, usually an image hosting site, not relevant if software is not processing each image inside the search engine image search. Maybe Maybe
    Images CDN CDN that contains safe images, but are not user generated (this is a manually controlled list) Yes No
    Images CDN Unknown CDN that contains images, but there's no way to tell which kind, only in the context of the web page Maybe Maybe
    Insurance Sites that offer insurance Yes No
    Internal category Internal category Depends Maybe
    ISP ISP sites or ISP related (such as ADSL news), sites that offer Internet connection and phone/mobile falls under the Telecommunications category. Yes No
    Jobs Sites that are about: Job offers, Job search, HR software, Job/Resume tips and Freelancing job sites. Yes No
    Kids safe Sites that are just for kids and are safe (sites added to this category is only after human review) Yes No
    Kids Entertainment Sites that are entertainment for kids Yes No
    Knowledge Sites that: Provide general paid knowledge, Online courses, Frontal training. Yes No
    Legal Sites that belong to: Lawyers, Law firms, Courts, Legal documents repository, Identity verification, and sites that give legal advice or tips. Yes No
    Legal movies Sites that legally host/stream full length movies and series, this list is a manual list. Yes No
    Legal songs Sites that legally host/stream music, this list is a manual list. Yes No
    Lifestyle and culture Sites that contain material related to an individual’s personal, community or cultural identity, or organizational/club affiliations. Maybe Maybe
    Link farm Sites that has no value and contain various links that will generate the owner money, or parked domains. May contain pornography. Danger Maybe
    Loans Sites that offer: Loans, Mortgages and Debt consolidation Yes No
    Local Sites about local information: City information, State information, Law enforcement and Fire fighters. If the second category is news, then it's local news. Yes No
    Local IP Local IPs can't be classified. Maybe Maybe
    Login page This page or site is part of a login or user management. It's not always possible to deduce the site's actual classification. Maybe Maybe
    Lookup Sites that offer various lookup and reverse lookup of: Emails, Domains, IPs, Phone numbers and People. Yes No
    Magazines Magazines sites (could be online magazines or a site for offline magazines), may contain another category if possible to denote the magazine category. Yes No
    Marketing or ads Sites that ad agencies, and it's possible that the domain name also serves ads. Yes No
    Medical Sites that talk about medical and health information. Yes No
    Military Sites with .mil or military related Depends No
    Mixed adult Sites that have mixed content, some safe and some not, but is not outright adult content so it can't be categorized as such. No Yes
    Mobile Sites that are about: Mobile devices, Cater only to mobile, Cellular phone sellers and manufacturers. Yes No
    Models Sites that contains images and information about: Models, Modelling and Models agency. Depends Light
    Money spam Sites that deal with making money online, or aggressive sales pitch with a squeeze page, this niche is highly abused and sites in this category should be treated as possible spam/scam. No No
    Movies download Sites that offer movies/series download or online streaming (can be pirate site, if contains other pirated content it will marked as Warez instead) Yes No
    Music Sites that are about: Music, Music magazines, Lyrics, Bands, Musical instruments and free music download (free songs, samples, effects). Yes No
    Nature Sites that are about: Nature or the Environment. Yes No
    News and magazines Sites that are about: News, Newspaper sites. Some news site can contain many themes in their main page beside news. Depends No
    Nonsense and time waste Sites that have many articles about: Memes, Movies and pictures that are mostly time waste, Viral jokes or a site with many articles in the form of "10 ways to ", "do this to become" even if it's on a subject as health. Some sites will have a secondary category of Semi nude or Mixed nude because of their content. Maybe Maybe
    Not HTML Content inspected is not HTML Maybe Maybe
    Not safe No category found for site, but site was found to be not safe, usually because it uses "shady" advertisement that has unsafe content. No Maybe
    Online drugs Sites that offer to sell drugs like: Viagra, Pain killers, Narcotics, Anabolic Steroids. No Maybe
    Online marketing Sites that are related to: Online marketing, Email marketing services, Web analytics, Ads providers (but is not an ad serving domain). Yes No
    Online security Sites that belong to security product like: Anti Virus or firewall, or are about online security Yes No
    Online video or audio Sites that has streaming audio and video (for example tv/radio sites, movie clips sites, podcasts), will not contain porn sites, but some content may still be inappropriate, for example youtube.com. Pirated content will be in its own categories. Depends Maybe
    Other drugs Sites that are about drugs that are not part of the Drugs Online drugs category, these are drugs that are legal. (because legality is different between countries, the decision is based on the views of the classifier, if you need an exact list of the drugs, contact us) No No
    Paranormal Sites that talk about paranormal topics like: UFO, Ghosts, Clairvoyance and conspiracy theory. No No
    Parenting and family Sites that talk about: Parenting, Baby showers. Maybe No
    Person Sites that are about a specific person (not applies to music, sports, entertainment related people) Yes No
    Pets and animals Sites that talk about Pets and animals Yes No
    Pharmacy Online pharmacy sites. No No
    Philosophy and psychology Sites about: Philosophy, Psychology, Psychological/Cognitive tests and Psychological issues. Yes No
    Phishing Sites that contain phishing and other content that is scam based. Danger Maybe
    Photography Sites belong to photographers or about photography Yes No
    Politics Sites that are about: Political opinion, Politics, Politics news, Politicians, Parliament parties, and protests. Depends No
    Porn Sites that contain pornographic content. No Yes
    Portals Sites that are portals or magazines that may contain number of categories (some may be related to fashion or intimate apparel) Depends Maybe
    PPC Sites that are about PPC or offer such services Yes No
    Profanity Sites that contain profanity Depends Maybe
    Programming Sites that about: Programming, Development languages or Development frameworks Yes No
    Proxy Sites that provide information or service to tunnel web traffic and cause webfilter bypass: Tor, Proxy lists, Proxy/VPN providers. No No
    Real estate Sites that are about: Real estate, Realtors or House rentals Yes No
    Recreation Sites that are about: Recreation and Outdoors and which are not sports related. Yes No
    Reference Sites that are: Dictionary, Maps, Translation, Calculators, Thesaurus, Wiki, Wikipedia and General information sites. Yes No
    Registry cleaner Sites that belong to registry cleaners or uninstallers Yes No
    Relationships Sites that talk about: Romantic relationships, Dating advice, Marriage advice and Pickup but do not offer dating services sites. No No
    Religion Sites that about: Religion, Spirituality and Religion practices. Yes No
    Restaurant Sites that belong to: Restaurant, Food ordering, Cafe or similar food selling establishments Yes No
    Retirement Sites that are about: Retirement, and Retirements homes. Yes No
    Rewards Sites that offer reward/loyalty programs Yes No
    Safe No category found for site, but site was found to be safe (it's a reserved category, it's not used for now, but it can be activated at any time) Yes No
    School cheats Sites that offer ready made works for students, or custom work. Maybe No
    Science Sites that are about: Science, Mathematics, Research papers and companies/organizations that are involved in Science research. Yes No
    Search block Used for search phrases only, this indicates the search should be blocked. Unlike phrases that fall under a known category, some keyword could be both "good" and "bad", so they are classified as Search block. Maybe Maybe
    Search engines Search engines sites, search result may contain unsafe content, our engine is able to classify the search based on the search keywords (contact us for help on the matter) Depends Maybe
    Sects Sites that are about: Sects, Occult, Cults, Cult leaders, Scientology, Church of Satan, Demons, and Secret Societies. No Maybe
    SelfHelp Sites that are about: Self help, Motivational speakers, Meditation and Relaxation. Yes No
    Semi nude and pin up Site that are about intimate fashion and apparel but in context of the images rather then shopping for them, also celebrity gossip with high percent of underwear and swimwear, this category can be treated for age 16+. No Maybe
    SEO Sites that are about SEO/SEM or offer such services Yes No
    Sex education and sexuality Sites that talk about: Sex educations, Sexuality, Sexual procedures, Reproduction tract related issues. Depends Maybe
    Shopping Shopping, Coupons and online auctions sites. Yes No
    Site under construction or not available Sites that are under construction or returned an error response when checked. No Maybe
    Site_Graphic design Sites that about: Sites/Graphic creation, Templates, Fonts, Icons, Vectors, Stock images/Videos, Themes and design, this may include graphic services. Yes No
    Social networks Sites that offer social networks services. Depends Maybe
    Software Site that offers: Software download, SAAS. (Legal sites only) Yes No
    Software (Others) Sites that belong to a software or software as a service, but not software repository which has its own category Yes No
    Songs download Sites that offer songs/mp3 download (can be pirate site, if contains other pirated content it will marked as Warez instead) Yes No
    Spam or scam Sites that has no value, trying to con the user, money from home schemes. Danger Maybe
    Sports Sites that are about: Sports, Car/Motorcycle racing, Sports streaming (will also be tagged with streaming) and Horse racing. Yes No
    Suicide Sites that talk about suicide, suicide prevention or pro suicide. No No
    Supplements Sites that are about or selling: Nutritional supplements, protein powders Yes No
    Surveys and polls Website that offer surveys and polls services. Nonsense polls and are in the Nonsense category. Yes No
    Swimsuits and underwear Sites that sell, show or talk about swimsuits, Lingerie and Underwear, these sites contain images of people wearing them. Shopping sites with underwear and swimsuit will fall under this category. Maybe Maybe
    Tactical equipment Sites that sell: Tactical gear, Body armor, Survival gear, Security gear. Also Preping and Survival information sites Maybe No
    Tattoo Sites that are about: Tattoos, Body modification, Body painting, Piercing, Service providers that provide all of those, and Image galleries of all of those. No Yes
    Technology and computers Sites that about: Technology, Computers, Software information (but not the software vendor site), Hardware. Yes No
    Tele Communications Home site of Tele Communications companies, which provide number of services such as: ISP, Cellular, Cable, Satellite, TV. Yes No
    Tobacco Sites that are about: Tobacco, Smoking (not drugs), Cigarettes, Cigars, Vaping and E Cigarettes. No Maybe
    Toys Sites that are about: Children toys, Dolls, and Board games. Yes No
    Tracker Sites that are tracking user behavior (web analytics). Yes No
    Unknown This domain is not yet categorized Depends Maybe
    Upper level content Host classification could not be decided because either there's not enough data, host is under constructions or other reasons and received the classification of one of the next levels of the host. Per host Per host
    URL Classification Sites that are about URL Classification or offer such services Yes No
    URL shortener URL redirection or shortners service sites. When the user browses them they will redirect. Make sure to request classification for the redirection. There are some URL Shorteners that also display ads. Depends You need to verify target URL
    User generated content Sites that contain user generated content which are not blogs or forums. Yes No
    Vacation and travel Sites that talk about: Travel, Vacations, Holidays, Holidays' bookings, Hotels, Air lines, Attractions and Museums. Yes No
    Vehicles Sites that talk about: Cars, Boats, Planes, Bikes, Trucks, Trains, Space shuttles, Motorcycles and all other forms of vehicles. Yes No
    Victim help Sites that offer help/support to victims of: Rape, Violence, Abuse, Crime, etc. Maybe No
    Violence Sites that contain violent content or extreme profanity. No Yes
    Virus infected Sites that are known to be infected with viruses Danger Maybe
    Warez Sites that contain: Torrents, Warez, Software cracks. It may or may not also contain adult content. Depends Maybe
    Weapons Sites that talk and/or sell: Weapons, Guns, Knives, and Army memorabilia. It may overlap with Tactical category for sites that are selling both weapons and tactical equipment. No No
    Weather Sites that talk about the weather Yes No
    Web hosting Sites that offer: Web hosting, Domain registration, Domain Whois, Web Hosting reviews, VPS Hosting, Colocation, Dedicated server hosting, LAAS, PAAS. Yes No
    Web mail Sites that offer web mail as a service. Depends Content isn't checked
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