The Top 4 Employee Monitoring Concerns (& What You Can Do)

Employee monitoring is a valuable people analytics tool, but it can potentially be perceived as invasive.

To help employers increase buy-in for their employee monitoring strategy CurrentWare’s managing director Neel Lukka has written an article for outlining the 4 most common concerns. In his article, he provides actionable tips employers can implement to get the most out of their employee monitoring efforts.

The top 4 concerns employees have about monitoring in the workplace

1) Their employers are spying on them

2) Their contributions won’t be recognized outside of the data collected

3) They don’t know who will have access to their data

4) Employee monitoring data will be used to punish them

Want to learn more? Check out the article here: – Common Employee Monitoring Concerns

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Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland is a Marketing Coordinator for CurrentWare, a global provider of endpoint security and employee monitoring software. Dale’s diverse multimedia background allows him the opportunity to produce a variety of content for CurrentWare including blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, and social media shareables.