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We will show you how to use BrowseReporter Internet Monitor to effectively track the bandwidth usage on your employees' computers.

You will be able to instantly identify users who are hogging bandwidth on distracting websites and congesting the network.

Before you begin:

Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

On the Manager’s computer, install the CurrentWare Console

  1. Run the setup file.
  2. Select BrowseReporter
  3. The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseReporter onto your computer.
  4. Launch the CurrentWare Console, on the BrowseReporter menu (on the right hand side), select Tracking Option.
  5. Check the option "Enable Bandwidth Tracking".
Enable Bandwidth Tracking
Install CurrentWare Web Filter Client on Employee's computers

On the employees' computers, install the CurrentWare Clients

  1. Take the CurrentWare Client setup file and run it on the client computer.
  2. The installer will ask you for the computer name of the CurrentWare Console to establish a connection.
  3. After the CurrentWare Client is installed, it will connect to your CurrentWare Console automatically.
  4. Your employee's Internet activities are now being tracked by BrowseReporter.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 on all the computers you would like to monitor for Internet usage.
Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

Return to the Manager’s PC, launch the CurrentWare Console

  1. Under the BrowseReporter menu, click on "Run Report".
  2. Select one of the three Bandwidth report types - Bandwidth Usage (URL Listing), Daily Bandwidth Usage and Bandwidth Summary
  3. Select the computer/user you want to run this report on
  4. Select the sort by, order and reporting period and click Run Report
Here's an example of the bandwidth report you will see:
bandwidth usage on employee internet activities

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