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Best Alternative to InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software

Looking for an InterGuard alternative that’s flexible, intuitive, and fairly priced?

CurrentWare has the user activity tracking, web filtering, and data loss prevention features you need to keep your business running securely and productively—at a fraction of the cost!

We offer fair prices and honest value to keep our products accessible to companies of all sizes.

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    Track Internet & App Use

    Capture Screenshots


    USB Control

    Block Websites & Apps

    Why Choose CurrentWare Over InterGuard?

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    Quality Customer Support

    • Easily connect with knowledgeable staff
    • Reach us by phone, email, or live chat from 9-5 ET M-F
    • Our self-serve knowledge base is regularly updated with new videos and articles 
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    Easy to Use & Manage

    • Block websites & generate reports in just a few clicks
    • Access the Web Console from any web browser
    • Easy-to-understand reports and dashboards for intuitive user activity monitoring
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    Advantageous Pricing

    • Individual modules start at $3.99 per license/month
    • Get the full suite for only $8.99 per license/month
    • Deals available for 100+ licenses, non-profits, and advanced prepayment
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    More Granular Device Control

    • Block unauthorized USB devices & allow approved ones
    • Full support for USB device control  on Windows devices
    • Block storage devices, wireless devices, serial/parallel ports, imaging devices, & more

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    CurrentWare vs InterGuard

    CurrentWare vs InterGuard
    Employee & Computer Monitoring

    CurrentWare InterGuard
    Web Browsing
    Application Usage
    Reports & Alerts
    Internet Bandwidth
    Desktop Screenshots
    Log PC Power Events
    Optional Data Access for Monitored Employees
    USB Monitoring ⚠️Not On Windows 10
    Active vs Idle Time
    Logon & Logoff Auditing
    Scheduled Monitoring
    IM & Chat Monitoring *
    Enable or Disable Tracking Types
    Search Term Tracking
    Email Monitoring *
    Choice of Stealth & Transparent Modes

    *In Development

    Two bar charts with employee computer usage data: top 5 active time and top 5 idle time

    CurrentWare vs InterGuard
    Web Filtering & Content Control

    CurrentWare InterGuard
    Block Content Categories
    URL Filtering
    Internet Quota & Timer
    Block File Downloads *
    Scheduled Filtering
    Enforce Safe Search
    Block TCP/UDP Ports
    Custom Block Page
    Block Applications
    App Scheduler

    *HTTP Supported. HTTPS In Development

    CurrentWare vs InterGuard
    Data Loss Prevention & Device Control

    CurrentWare InterGuard
    Block USB Devices (Read Only or No Access) ⚠️Not On Windows 10
    Block Non-USB Peripherals
    Allow Authorized USB Devices (USB Whitelist)
    Restrict USB File Transfers
    Temporary USB Access Code
    Block Emails *
    Track/Block Email Attachments Based on Content *
    Block High-Risk Web Content Categories
    USB Activity Monitoring
    Track & Block File Transfers to Cloud Storage Services *

    *In Development

    CurrentWare vs InterGuard
    Costs for Licenses

    When purchased individually, BrowseReporter, BrowseControl and AccessPatrol all start at $3.99 USD per license per month.  Get the full suite for only $8.99 per license per month.

    • Volume deals start at 100 users, with more advantageous pricing options for bulk license purchases
    • Want to pre-pay for multiple years? Get up to 15% off with pre-pay discounts for 3 year subscriptions.
    • Contact our sales team for a custom quote

    CurrentWare vs InterGuard
    Customer Support & Sales

    CurrentWare InterGuard
    Support Availability 9:00 – 5:00 PM EST M-F

    9:00 – 5:00 PM EST M-F for technical support

    24/7/365 live chat only for basic account issues

    Support Options

    📞 Phone

    💬 Live Chat

    📧 Email

    📝 Knowledge Base

    ⚠️ Not specified

    📵 Defaults to tickets and live chat, and knowledge base

    Payment Options Credit Card, Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Purchase Order Credit Card, Check, Money Order
    Currencies Accepted USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, INR, AUD ⚠️Not specified

    Other companies don’t give the attention and support you need. With CurrentWare I know that when I need them I can just call them up.

    CurrentWare vs InterGuard
    Setup & Deployment

    CurrentWare InterGuard
    Free Trial ✅14 Days, Fully Functional ⚠️7 Days; Stealth Mode Unavailable for Trial
    Windows 11 Compatibility ⚠️ Not Announced
    Active Directory Integration
    Compatible with VDI & Citrix Ready
    Cloud Deployment ✅ Self-Managed
    On-Premises Deployment ⚠️Enterprise Plan Only
    Works On & Off Network
    No Network or Appliance Required to Work
    Admin Web Console
    User/Computer Policies
    SQL Server Support


    laptop with currentware's remote employee monitoring software on screen

    The CurrentWare Suite

    Purchase the full suite for the best value or pick the exact solution that fits your needs.

    Each module starting at $3.99 USD per license per month; get the full suite for $8.99 PUPM

    Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

    Data Theft Prevention

    • Block USB devices, network storage,  & other peripherals
    • Be alerted of USB file transfers and unknown devices
    • Block file transfers based on name and filetype
    Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

    Web Filtering

    • Block websites based on URLs and content categories
    • Prevent users from running certain programs
    • Control internet access with allow and block lists
    Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

    Computer Monitoring

    • Track websites visited and time spent browsing the web
    • Monitor bandwidth usage to detect bandwidth hogs
    • Track the application usage of your employees
    Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

    PC Power Management

    • Remotely schedule and manage computer power states
    • Configure advanced power policies for all users
    • Track logon, startup, and shutdown activities

    Test drive the live demo

    Check out our great reviews on Capterra!

    "We are able to make sure employees are not spending work time on the internet."

    - Ken W, IT Manager
    Shoreline Sightseeing

    "BrowseReporter provides comprehensive reports that helps me keep track of my employees' web browsing activities. "

    - Stanley K., IT Director
    IT & Services Company

    Here’s what our customers have to say about us

    Headshot of Vincent Pecoreno, Network Administrator of Viking Yachts

    Viking Yachts

    Vincent Pecoreno, Network Admin

    “CurrentWare saved us a lot of time and money. I cannot thank all of you enough for this software.”

    Boston Centerless

    Larry Salvucci, IT Manager

    “In CurrentWare, I found a solution that fulfilled the criteria of my entire project within a single suite of software.”

    Tennessee College of Applied Tech

    Gabriel Alvarado, CIS/CIT Instructor

    “We were able to have the software up and running on the same day, and didn’t even need to contact customer support.

    Employee Computer Activity
    Dashboards & Reports

    BrowseReporter’s user activity dashboards and detailed reports give you the insights you need to identify
    workplace productivity leaks, detect excessive bandwidth usage, and improve business intelligence.

    User Activity Dashboards

    • Use the collected data to review aggregated results of your entire workforce or drill down to individual users
    • Select the date range and activities you want to populate the dashboard with
    • Use the activity log to review raw data; add/remove columns, sort data, and export to .XLSX or .PDF

    Productive vs Unproductive Web Browsing

    • View time spent on productive vs unproductive web browsing
    • Customize to what is considered productive in your organization
    • Compare trends in aggregated & individual productivity over time

    Idle Time Tracking

    • Track how long users are away from their computers
    • Customize idle time based on the last keyboard/mouse inputs
    • Discover which departments or employees are the most active

    See What Websites are Browsed the Most

    • Find out what the top browsed productive, unproductive, and neutral websites are
    • See which groups are the most active internet users
    • Review what categories of websites are being visited

    Monitor Bandwidth Consumption

    • Detect bandwidth hogging websites on your network
    • Review bandwidth usage trends to inform network capacity planning
    • See which individual users or groups have the greatest bandwidth usage

    Track Application Usage

    • Detect the use of unauthorized software applications
    • Find out what the most popular apps are and how long they're used for each day
    • Determine software adoption rates through user activity data

    Get Started Today
    With a Free Trial

    Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

    CurrentWare Features

    Internet Off

    Internet ON/OFF

    One click to completely block
    the Internet

    Internet Off

    URL Filter

    Allowed list or Blocked list for
    specific URLs

    Internet Off

    Category Filtering

    Block websites based on
    content categories

    Internet Off

    Internet Scheduler

    Set unique restrictions at specific
    times of the day

    Internet Off

    Internet Monitoring

    Track what websites are being
    visited by employees

    Internet Off

    Web Activity Reports

    15+ different detailed web
    activity reports

    Internet Off

    Track Application Use

    See what applications are being
    used by employees

    Internet Off

    Email Reports

    Automatically email reports of web
    usage to managers

    Internet Off

    Block USB

    Block unauthorized USBs to protect
    against data theft

    Internet Off

    Block External Devices

    Easily block DVDs, external drives
    & other peripherals

    Internet Off

    Device Permissions

    Set full access, read only or no
    access on storage devices

    Internet Off

    Allowed List

    Allow specific storage devices on
    your network

    Internet Off

    Centralized Console

    Manage all your users from the
    centralized console with Active
    Directory import or syncing

    Internet Off

    Remote Client Install

    Only a few steps to remotely install
    the CurrentWare Client on all of
    your computers

    Internet Off

    Offsite Management

    Extend onsite Internet usage
    policies to laptops running outside
    the corporate network

    Internet Off

    SQL Server Supported

    Database scaled for enterprise and
    large business operations using
    Microsoft SQL Server


    Get Started Today
    With a Free Trial

    Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

    CurrentWare InterGuard Alternative FAQ

    Are There Any Limits to the Free Trial?

    The free trial is fully functional. You can deploy CurrentWare’s software for up to 14 days, which is perfect for testing the solution out with a small team.

    If you need more time to properly evaluate CurrentWare’s employee monitoring software in your organization, reach out to our team. You can call us, email us, or use our live chat.

    Can CurrentWare Monitor and Control Remote Workers and Off-Network Devices?

    Yes. The CurrentWare Client agent that is installed on the employee’s computer has the ability to monitor computer activity, track productivity, and restrict device usage even if it does not have a connection with the CurrentWare Server.

    When your employees disconnect from your network the client agent will store their computer activity data and last synced security policies locally on the device. Once they reconnect to the CurrentWare Server their data and policies will be synced.

    To further assist with offsite management, email reports and alerts can be used to stay informed of employee computer usage. So long as they have an internet connection the reports will be sent to a designated inbox.

    Port forwarding may also be used to ensure the CurrentWare Server and Client remains connected when devices leave the network.

    Learn More: How to Set Up CurrentWare’s Employee Monitoring Software for Off-Site Teams

    Will My Employees Know They Are Being Monitored?

    Depending on the needs of your environment and the laws of your jurisdiction you can use our software to monitor employee computer activity with or without its transparency-enhancing features enabled.

    Stealth Employee Monitoring
    BrowseReporter operates in stealth mode by default.

    In stealth mode, the CurrentWare Client is not visible in the system tray or control panel of the employee’s computer.

    Transparent Employee Monitoring
    BrowseReporter’s optional transparency-boosting features make it the best computer monitoring software for being transparent about tracking employee computer activity.

    These features helps your teams remain aware that their computer activity is being monitored in the workplace.

    • Monitoring Notifications: Display a custom message that periodically reminds your employees that their internet and application activity is being monitored by BrowseReporter
    • Show In System Tray: Enable this feature to make the CurrentWare Client visible in the system tray of your employee’s computers.
    • End-User Reports: Enable this feature to give your employees access to their own computer activity data. This lets them see exactly what internet and application usage data is being shared.

    Learn More: Best Practices for Monitoring Employees


    Does CurrentWare Have Access to My Employees' Computer Usage Data?

    No. CurrentWare’s employee tracking software does not send your employee’s computer usage data to CurrentWare.

    All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s employee monitoring tools are stored on a database that is installed in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider.

    For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.

    Does CurrentWare Control and Monitor User Activity on Citrix, Remote Desktop, and/or Terminal Server?

    Yes. The CurrentWare Suite is supported on desktop computers, virtual machines (VMs), and servers running modern versions of the Windows operating system.

    The CurrentWare Suite (BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, AccessPatrol, and enPowerManager) is also Citrix Ready verified, allowing you to use CurrentWare Suite modules with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service (XenApp & XenDesktop service). You can install the CurrentWare Clients on your Citrix Workspace running Windows.

    In addition, all CurrentWare components are compatible with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Terminal Servers (TS).

    When monitoring employees in Citrix with CurrentWare you can track computer activities with PC Mode to track the individual virtual machine or with User Mode to track the activities of specific employees across multiple devices and/or virtual machines.

    Monitoring and managing your end-users with CurrentWare in a Terminal Services environment works similarly. The exception is that in a Terminal Server/Terminal Services environment the server will be registered as an individual endpoint; when you run a report from PC mode it will give you a report on all the users’ profiles in a single report.

    Learn More:
    CurrentWare for Remote Desktop & Terminal Server

    CurrentWare for Citrix Activity Monitoring

    CurrentWare System Requirements

    How Much Does CurrentWare Cost?

    When purchased as a standalone solution, BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, and AccessPatrol is $3.99 USD per license per month, paid annually. The full CurrentWare Suite is $8.99 PUPM.

    The final costs depend on the number of licenses, how many years are purchased in advance, and other factors. For the most accurate costs, reach out to our sales team for a quote.

    Who Uses Your Endpoint Security & Employee Monitoring Software?

    CurrentWare has a global client base with companies across a variety of industries including government, healthcare, finance, nonprofit, and manufacturing.

    CurrentWare helps its customers protect their business against time theft, lost productivity, data leakage, and web-based threats by monitoring and controlling computer usage.

    Read our customer case studies to learn more.


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      Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

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