Track the Idle Time of Employees

BrowseReporter’s idle time tracking lets you compare internet usage monitoring reports based on active time, idle time, and total time. By including idle time in your reports you can verify whether or not idle time was spent on work related tasks and see how long employees are away from their computers during the work day.

BrowseReporter typically filters out idle time from computer activity reports based on the threshold set in the CurrentWare console so that managers can focus on websites that are actively used.

By configuring BrowseReporter to display idle time in reports you can verify whether periods of inactivity were caused by employees being away from their workstations or if they were just inactive because they were watching YouTube videos, attending webinars, or reading articles.

Review the websites that were open during inactive periods to verify that idle time was spent on work-related tasks

Record the amount of time that employees spend away from their computers

Verify that remote workers and other off-site employees are active during work hours.

Idle Time Disabled Idle Time Enabled

What causes idle time?

BrowseReporter measures idle time to see how long your users are away from their computers based on their mouse and keyboard movement. When there is no movement from your employee’s mouse or keyboard for the period of time set in the CurrentWare console, BrowseReporter will shift tracking from Active Time to Idle Time.

How to use Idle Time?

By filtering out idle time in your reports you can focus on the time that employees are actively using their computers. The threshold for switching from active time to idle time is 20 minutes by default. If you would like to customize how long it takes before BrowseReporter switches from active time to idle time, all you need to do is open the CurrentWare console and go to the BrowseReporter menu > Tracking Options > Idle Time Settings. This option is enabled by default.

Benefits of Tracking Idle Time

Productivity Management: Idle time is not necessarily unproductive time as employees can still be productive even when they are away from their computers. They could be answering phone calls, attending in-person meetings, or engaging in deep thinking.

Remote Workforce: Verify that employees working from home are active during work hours and see when they are typically taking their breaks.

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