Email Alerts for Endpoint Detection and Response

AccessPatrol’s email reports and alerts provide your organization with the endpoint detection and response capabilities it needs to protect data from insider threats. Instantly notify designated administrators to high-risk activities and automate the distribution of data loss prevention reports for easy archiving and ongoing endpoint device monitoring.

Send AccessPatrol’s data loss prevention reports straight to the security team’s inbox when alerts are triggered

Customize thresholds to send email alerts based on suspicious USB device use or file operations

Save time by automating the distribution of DLP reports to designated inboxes

Endpoint Detection & Response Alerts Overview

AccessPatrol’s file operations alerts provide an added layer of security for protecting sensitive data against illicit transfers and unsafe data handling procedures. After alerts are investigated you can archive the file operations reports as part of your data loss prevention auditing strategy.

File operations alerts & reports

Protect sensitive data against theft by alerting security personnel when suspicious file operations are performed on USB storage devices. Configure file operations alerts based on file extensions (.exe, .zip, .msi, .xslx, .cad, etc) or file names.

You can configure file operations alerts to trigger when:

Files are created on external storage devices

Files are transferred to external storage devices

Files are deleted from external storage devices

Files are saved as to external storage devices

Files are renamed on external storage devices

Device usage alerts & reports

Easily monitor USB device activities in your organization. Configure automated reports and alerts to maintain full awareness and auditable records of how employees are using external devices on their workstations.

You can configure device usage alerts to trigger when:

A user inserts any peripheral device into company endpoints

A user inserts unknown peripherals into company endpoints

A user inserts allowed peripherals into company endpoints

A user inserts blocked peripherals into company endpoints

A user inserts a specific peripheral device into company endpoints

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