Data Loss Prevention

Sample Reports
report on every website visited by your employees

File Operations History

Audit your employee's file transfer history. Track confidential company files that were copied onto personal USB devices.
Top domain by employee Internet browsing time report.

All Devices Accessed

A high-level overview of all the endpoint devices that were plugged into your employee's PC.

Total employee Internet browsing time report

Allowed Devices

The allowed devices that were connected to your employee's PC during the report period.
include specific urls in internet activity report

Blocked Devices

All of the accessed devices (allowed and blocked) with a visual report of their Allowed or Blocked status.

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AccessPatrol’s Endpoint Security Features

Block USB

Block USB

One click to block USB devices completely
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Block External Devices

Block External Devices

Easily block DVDs, iPods, external hard drives and more from being accessed on your computers
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Device Permissions

Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices
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Allowed List

Allow specific storage devices to be always allowed on your network
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Device Report

Report on devices accessed or blocked on your network
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Track File Transfers

Log USB File Transfer

Prevent data theft by monitoring files created and deleted on USB devices
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Deivce Access Code

Access Code Generator

Provide end users with temporary access to their devices
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Email Alert

Email Alerts

Alert administrators of unauthorized file transfers and devices access
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Email Reports

Email device reports directly to your administrator's inbox
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Block Phones

Prevent users from connecting their phones to company computers
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Block Files

Block File Transfers

Prevent users from transferring restricted file types to their devices
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