Tamice Completes Their DLP Strategy With USB Security Software

“AccessPatrol has put all of our data security fears to rest with a simple, cost-effective and efficient solution.”

CurrentWare Customer Han Lee

Han Lee
Senior Business Development Manager
Tamice Group

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Recent developments in the technological world have caused growth in the number of applications at use in the work environment. This has coincided with an increase in entry points that cybercriminals can exploit for phishing and other malicious attacks.

As attacks have become more and more sophisticated, they have become increasingly successful at gaining access to corporate assets, data, and networks. Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019.

Fortunately for Tamice, their business development manager Han Lee was ahead of the curve in acknowledging this threat. Vigilance and security have perpetually featured as key values at Tamice and, consequently, various measures have remained in place to protect the company.

Employees are given stringent training to ensure that there is a total understanding of how networks can be compromised and what can be done to keep them safe. By educating staff on how to identify threats and on who to contact to avoid a security breach, Tamice laid the foundations to build a secure network environment.

To complement this, a strict code of conduct is in place to help in avoiding the occurrence of any ill-fated errors. This proved to be particularly valuable when employees began to use personal devices for work purposes, which could bring the risk of internal breaches or expose company information to external networks.

The code of conduct also necessitated that all software should be updated regularly (many software updates include fixes for security vulnerabilities) and standardized so that only company approved programs and applications would be permitted.

Despite the various security measures already in place, Mr. Lee was aware that without a data loss prevention software that possessed the capability to restrict access to endpoint devices, Tamice would still be vulnerable to cyber threats.

For this reason, following a successful trial of CurrentWare’s AccessPatrol solution, he did not hesitate to invest. Within hours of purchase, the software was rolled-out throughout the company’s New York office.

“We trialed a few different solutions, but none of them felt as reliable as AccessPatrol. It was completely intuitive and had all of the functionalities we were looking for. Investing was a simple decision.”


Since implementing AccessPatrol, all external devices including USB sticks, hard drives, and SD cards have been blocked from Tamice’s system. Being able to control access through a centralized console has meant that security policies can be applied to devices in real-time.

Currently, the company runs a policy whereby employees are able to “check-out” company devices when required. The ability to instantly amend permissions on these devices has brought a great deal of convenience to the process. Propitiously, this ability remains unaffected when devices are taken offsite.


CurrentWare Customer Tamice


In order to ensure that no security threat or data leakage can “slip through the net”, Tamice routinely track AccessPatrol’s file transfer reports to prematurely detect any potential dangers that may be on the horizon.

These reports provide full visibility of all of the endpoint activity on the network and can determine where a file has been modified with the click of a button. Mr. Lee aligned the software to email these reports directly to his inbox, allowing him to gain regular insight into how employees handle sensitive company data.



As a travel agency, Tamice holds a high volume of personal information about their customers and, therefore, any attack would have a substantial number of victims.


“Compromising the data of our clients would have huge consequences, and we have a responsibility to put the correct measures in place to prevent this from happening. With the addition of AccessPatrol to our defense strategy, I am confident that we are taking a safe and risk-free approach.”

CurrentWare Customer Han Lee

Han Lee
Senior Business Development Manager
Tamice Group

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