What does safer internet day do for your business?

Safer Internet Day 2017 graphic designs of technology devices such as computers, phones and cameras.

Data safety is one of the prime concerns of every business owner. Regardless if you’re an online or small business owner, or the operational head of a multi-national conglomerate, ensuring the integrity of propriety data in a technologically advanced and connected world can be challenging.

Nearly every employee today requires access to the internet to ensure smooth business operations and communications. But the internet also serves as the entry point to viruses and malware that can damage, steal or deny access to organizational information and its resources.

What is Safer internet Day?

In 2004, the Insafe network introduced the Safer Internet Day to promote safe and responsible use of internet technology across the world. Each year, Safer Internet Day is observed in the second week of February to generate awareness about creating a safer internet experience for everyone.

This year Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on February 7, 2017. For businesses this a great opportunity to revive awareness about the importance of internet safety whilst enhancing data security measures in their own organizations. Starting Safer Internet Day 2017, here are three things you can do to ensure safer internet access in your organization.

1.     Awareness and training

As technology advances, software and other information systems are constantly upgraded. But so are viruses and malicious software, and the different ways in which they can infect computer systems. It’s important to ensure that your employees are aware of the latest hazards and the necessary safety precautions while using the internet.

In addition to creating awareness, training programs help employees understand the importance of internet security and foster a sense of responsibility towards ensuring safe internet practices in the office.

2.     Preemptive measures

Sometimes, despite creating awareness and providing regular training sessions, employees may surf the internet in a manner that may endanger your company’s data as well as vital customer information.

Moreover, according to IBM’s Cyber Intelligence Index, approximately 60 percent of all cyber-attacks in 2015 were initiated by insiders, 45 percent of whom had malicious intent.

It is therefore important to have strategies in place to protect sensitive information. One way you can do this is by incorporating an employee monitoring software. CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter is one such software that lets you know if employees are following guidelines while using the internet.

You can also use their BrowseControl solution to block internet websites that could pose a threat to your organization’s systems and data.

3.     Join the Safer Internet Day initiative

Spread the word by participating in the safer internet day activities taking place in your country. Not only will you help make the internet a more fun and useful resource for people from all walks of life, but you will also show your customers, suppliers, partners and employees that you truly care for the security of their information.

Prevent your organization from being besieged by a cyber security attack. Conduct regular training sessions for your employees, spread awareness by joining the Safer Internet Day initiative, and incorporate employee website monitoring and web filtering software to ensure a strong and effective strategy against cyber threats.

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.