Block cell phones from connecting to a PC by USB

With AccessPatrol you can block cell phones from connecting to computers. Protect sensitive data against illicit transfers to iPhones, Blackberries, PDAs, and other mobile devices used by employees in the workplace.

Prevent employees from infecting endpoint devices with hidden smartphone malware

Stop employees from transferring sensitive corporate files to their personal devices

Bolster your BYOD policy with critical security controls

AccessPatrol’s suite of peripheral device management features protects endpoints and corporate data from dangerous USB devices. Manage custom USB device policies for each user, workstation, and department, all from the convenience of the central CurrentWare console.

All of CurrentWare’s products continue to enforce policies even when managed devices lose connection to the CurrentWare server, allowing users to be monitored and managed when they are working offline or on another network.

Why should I block cell phones from connecting to computers?

The use of personal cell phones in the workplace is not just a distraction, they are also a high-risk device that needs to be addressed as part of your endpoint security policy.

Data security risks of cell phones

Data Exfiltration: Unless you assign read-only access to mobile devices, employees can connect their phones to their workstations and illicitly transfer data to their smartphone’s microSD card or internal storage.

Mobile Malware: Worms, trojans, and other malicious software can be unknowingly transferred to and from mobile devices. All it takes is an employee with Full Access permissions to plug their compromised device into their computer for the attack to begin.

Without policy-based enforcement these devices can easily lead to costly data breaches. AccessPatrol protects endpoint devices and corporate data against cell phones with its centralized device policy management features. Block phones, flash drives, external harddrives, and other peripheral devices to stop insider threats from mishandling and stealing sensitive data.

How to protect endpoints against cell phones

Disable Bluetooth on workstations to prevent wireless data transfers to cell phones

Set device permissions for cell phones to read-only or no access

Monitor device reports and USB file transfer logs for suspicious behavior

Provide employees with alternatives for charging their phones such as USB ports in wall outlets and power bars

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AccessPatrol’s Endpoint Security Features

Block USB

Block USB

Prevent the use of unauthorized USB devices
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Block External Devices

Block External Devices

Easily block DVDs, iPods, external HDDs & more from being used
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Device Permissions

Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices
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Allowed List

Set specific USB devices to be always allowed on your network
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Device Report

Report on devices accessed or blocked on your network
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Track File Transfers

Log USB File Transfer

Monitor files copied, created, and deleted on USB devices
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Deivce Access Code

Access Code Generator

Provide end users with temporary access to their devices
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Email Alert

Email Alerts

Get alerts of file transfers and USB device usage
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Email Reports

Email device reports directly to your administrator's inbox
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Block Phones

Prevent users from connecting phones to computers
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Block Files

Block File Transfers

Restrict file transfers by filename or extension
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