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Looking for employee monitoring, content filtering, or data loss prevention solutions but you can’t justify the ongoing costs of a Teramind subscription?

Try CurrentWare for free today. Monitor and manage your entire workforce with an affordable one-time purchase.

Use CurrentWare if Use Teramind if
  • You need greater control over the websites accessible to employees
  • You want to avoid expensive ongoing subscriptions and save money with cost-effective perpetual licenses
  • You need an easy-to-use solution for web filtering, data loss prevention, and employee monitoring
  • You need a light weight solution with minimal system requirements
  • You need to see each and every input from employees including emails, keystrokes, private messages, and clipboard data
  • You need to capture live audio and video recordings of employee computer activity
  • You need to identify content through OCR and keywords.
  • You have the budget and can meet their system requirements


Compare USB Device Control Features

CurrentWare Teramind
Device Blacklists
Device Whitelists
USB Activity Alerts
Assign Risk Levels
Track & Block File Operations
Block USB & Storage Devices
Pop-Up Warning for Users
Block External Devices
Block Transfers by File Type


Compare Web Filtering Features

CurrentWare Teramind
Whitelist URLs & Domains
Blacklist URLs & Domains
Port Filtering
Enforce Google SafeSearch
Category Filtering
Add-on feature
User-level Blocking
Computer-level Blocking
Block Applications
Custom Warning Message
Scheduled Blocking
Internet Quota & Timer


Compare Employee Monitoring Features

CurrentWare Teramind
Email Reports & Alerts
Custom Branding for Reports
URL Category Tracking
Productive vs Unproductive Time
Remote Screen Capture
Manual screenshots
Scheduled Monitoring
Track Application Usage
Export Data
Keystroke Logging
Monitor Remote Workers
Track & compare activity by IP address
Bandwidth Usage Tracking
Keyword Searched Monitoring
Audit logons, logoffs, shut down & startup
Idle Time Tracking
Customize Idle Time


Compare Setup & Deployment

CurrentWare Teramind
Cloud Platform
Self hosted cloud
Local & Remote Client Install
Command-Line Deployment
Active Directory Installation
Active Directory Sync
Compatible with Windows
Compatible with MacOS
Remote Workforce Management
Add-on feature

“We never have to worry about what may happen when someone plugs a device into one of our machines. AccessPatrol has made our lives easy. We just set it, forget it, and it works!”

CurrentWare Customer Nicholas Scheetz

Nicholas Scheetz
IT Service Desk Supervisor
First Choice Health


Why Choose CurrentWare over Teramind?


*Includes all features & maintenance

Your lifetime CurrentWare licenses will save you six times the cost

After the first year you will have paid nearly six times as much for the ongoing costs of a Teramind DLP Cloud subscription.

Teramind’s platform is priced monthly for each user you manage. CurrentWare offers perpetual licenses, letting you keep the version of the products you paid for forever. Ongoing investments in new CurrentWare product releases, add-ons, and maintenance plan renewals are completely optional.

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CurrentWare’s solutions can be purchased individually

Teramind and CurrentWare both provide solutions for user activity monitoring, USB activity alerts, and web filtering. Unfortunately with Teramind’s bundled platform you’re always paying for the costs of supporting all of their features, even if you don’t need them.

Why pay for more features than you need? Each CurrentWare solution can be purchased individually, giving you access to the exact features you need without paying for the features you don’t.

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Monitor employees without sacrificing privacy

Overly invasive monitoring practices hurts employee morale and negatively affects employee privacy. While Teramind includes the option to disable monitoring features, your employees have no way to know for certain what is being captured.

CurrentWare’s employee computer monitoring solutions track exactly what you need to manage productivity and ensure the acceptable use of technology. Internet and application usage activity is readily available without capturing sensitive personal data like keystrokes and private messages.

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