• “A little over 10 years ago, we had massive problems with students on the internet and creating many problems on our campus-wide network. Then, I went online looking for some type of program that would help us control this problem.

    I stumbled upon BrowseControl and decided to give it a try. We had immediate positive results because we could keep students off sites that are against school policy and allow students full-time access to site needed for training. After a few years the upgrades allowed each instructor to have a console on their desktops that controlled their classroom giving us more flexibility campus-wide.

    As the campus IT and Net Admin, as well as a full-time instructor, using BrowseControl has taken a lot of problems off my shoulders and off our campus. It has allowed each instructor to be in total control of their classroom and alleviated problems for them also.”
  • “I just monitored that users… They tried to enter to social networks, streaming, music, videos, and all was blocked perfectly… In the third day, one of that users access Facebook…

    Whaaaattttttt??????? Is not possible… Looking what he did, he ran Skype portable (with Facebook integration) from usb device… and reading Browse Control manual, have an option to block applications. I added that program to the blocked apps, and BINGO..!!! Skype portable blocked. I tried changing the name of the executable file, and nothing happened, Skype portable continued blocked. Now we use Skype 4.0 (without Facebook integration), and disable update for that application in Browse Control options.

    At this time we have 120 licenses in two hotels, and planning to expand to our 5 hotels more in Central América and Ecuador.”
  • “Since implementing BrowseControl, Sans Souci Girls’ High School has experienced better grade averages; more responsible Internet usage by the students, lower unnecessary internet usage and more focused students.

    I would heartily recommend this product to any school or institution where selective control over Internet access, as well as specific application control and port blocking, are regarded as important. “
  • “When I first started looking for software to manage the Internet usage in our office, I felt overwhelmed with all of the options and high costs of some of the products out there.

    After days of going through all of the different options, I narrowed down my options to three choices – CurrentWare being the last of the three. After trying the first two demos I was on the verge of giving up. However, I used the CurrentWare demo and never looked back!

    It was SO easy to setup and maintain! I also purchased the content filter subscription and I have never been more satisfied with a product purchase!

    Considering the cost of the program and the subscription fee for the content filter – I’m still saving hundreds of dollars a month because I can manage it myself. The average on site technician is usually about $150/hr.

    This product is well worth the cost and the staff has been amazing! This is the only Internet filter I will ever use!”
  • “With social networking revolution, our users created accounts in Facebook, Twitter, etc., and we look for a solution. We tried about 3 different types of Control Software for Internet. Some programs work the firsts months, but our users discover new methods for bypass our protection. The big problem was when Skype included connection to Facebook, because we use Skype as our principal method to chat between us….

    …When I access your page, and read about all your software, was the best day in my 11 years of work in Hotels.

    Browse Control was my choice, because meet all of our requirements. I downloaded the program, install in one of our servers, and made tests with our more complicated users…”
  • “Excellent program.

    Before we used to have a proxy server to get internet usage reports, but the reports were not so user friendly. Then tried a trial on CurrentWare. Was so impressed on the program and bought the license.

    I have been using browse reporter for the Last 2 years and am extremely happy with it, with this program I am able to track what each internet user is browsing with the time. Initially when I was purchasing the software we had to pull the data form the client, after the updates that too was made automatically.

    Best part is that the user will not know such a program is running in the background.”
  • “BrowseControl has enabled us to maintain a high degree of flexibility and centralised management of not only Internet based services, but also of software and hardware across our network.

    We have employed BrowseControl as part of our central networking provision, with its flexibility we are now able to not only control Internet access and reduce our once high bandwidth usage, but have found BrowseControl invaluable in controlling and scheduling application usage across computing suites.

    One of many additional benefits of BrowseControl has to be its port blocking provision, instead of draining system resources with individual firewall software, we are able to control and if needed allow traffic from many different services and port’s from one centralised management application for individual systems or a full suite of systems.”
  • “Prior to the use of BrowseControl and BrowseReporter, our IT department was totally unable to control or monitor the use of the internet by our employees.

    We have been using BrowseControl and BrowseReporter from Codework for the last year.

    BrowseControl has always helped us to restrict use of internet/ applications/devices blocking (CD Drives/Floppy drives/USB drives). BrowseReporter has been great in enabling us to give feedback on which sites we need to restrict. With Bandwidth reporting and Remote Screen capturing, BrowseReporter has become the perfect tool for us to monitor our client PCs.”
  • “The one thing that made me really choose CurrentWare over the other products is the design of the software and the customer service. They also try build the software from feed backs of users and in the next updates certain features will be added or removed to customers’ needs.”