Manage computers to conserve power consumption

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enPowerManager provides an effective method for energy management across an enterprise. With a simple click of the mouse computers can be remotely shutdown or booted. This function can also be scheduled to shutdown or boot your computers automatically at different times during the day.

Conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment – all from the central CurrentWare console.

Remote Power Control

Scheduled shutdown

Wake on LAN

Advanced Power Policies

Warning before shutdown


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Power Management Policies

Control computer powers remotely

  • Shutdown computers after hours
  • Power up computers at the beginning of the work day
  • Restart computers after deploying software patches
  • Power down hard drives or monitors, when not in use
  • Assign hibernate, standby policies after a predefined period of inactivity.
Shutdown computers remotely to save power

Schedule system shut down

Power Schedulers

Automate the change in power status at specific time of the day

Simplify administration by applying power management schedules, resulting in noticeable cost savings and reduced energy wastage.

Schedule the shutdown of computers during off hours or deploy startup (Wake On Lan) of workstations at the start of work times.

Easy to Manage Console

Centralized Console, Remote Client Install and Offsite Management

Deploy power management polices remotely from the CurrentWare Console.

Customize distinct Power Management policies for different groups or departments of computers.

Central Console Management Clients over the Clouds

enPowerManager Features

Remote Shutdown

Power down your company's computers at the end of the day

Wake on LAN

Automatically boot up computers at the beginning of a work day

Restart Computers

Schedule a software maintenance system restart.

Hibernate and Standby

Turn off the monitor, power down the harddrive, hibernate and go into standby mode.

Power Scheduler

Control the power status of a computer at a scheduled time.

Delayed Shutdown

Shutdown the computer only if it is idle

Advanced Policies

Control power status of laptop when it is plugged in vs. running on batteries.

Stealth Mode

The CurrentWare client is running in the background stealthily

Centralized Console

Manage all your users and computers from a centralized Console

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely

Offsite Management

Keep Internet usage policy enforced even when laptop is outside the network

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and large business operations

enPowerManager helps businesses decrease power consumption

Benefits of enPowerManager

enPowerManagement provides an effective tool for energy management across an enterprise. Conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment—all from the central Currentware console!

Govern Energy Usage:

Administrators can manage energy consumption of all company PCs remotely.

Schedule Shutdown

Reduce energy usage and decrease costs through scheduling shutdowns during off hours.

Manage Boot Up

Minimize energy expenditures by scheduling automatic boot up of systems at the start of work times.

Remote Energy Management

Ability to remotely control the power functions of your workstations.

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