Receive Computer Activity Reports by Email

BrowseReporter’s computer activity reports can be sent to email inboxes for real-time employee monitoring. Email reports can be sent at set intervals and email alerts can be triggered to immediately notify administrators when specific computer activities happen.

Email alerts and reports are a convenient way of automating BrowseReporter’s computer usage monitoring. Once computer activity emails are set up you receive reports without ever having to launch the CurrentWare console.

See all of the websites your employees visit, even when they use private browsing

Segment reports based on users, departments, or devices and have them sent to designated people

Enforce the acceptable use of devices with real-time alerts of policy violations

Segment reports based on users, departments, or computers and have them sent to designated

BrowseReporter Email Reports

How to use email alerts and reports?

BrowseReporter’s email alerts and reports make the distribution of employee computer monitoring data incredibly simple. Report data can be presented based on user, device, workgroup, days of the week, and specific ranges of time, allowing you to send the exact data needed to manage your people.

How should I use this feature?

Monitoring Automation: Automatically send employee monitoring reports to the email addresses of managers, administrators, and human resources.

Phishing Simulator: Set the URL alert threshold to ‘1’ and add a fake domain name to the alert. Send a phishing email to your employees with a link to the fake domain name and receive alerts on which employees click the link.

Self-Monitoring: Send computer usage and productivity reports directly to the employees you are monitoring to show them what activity is being monitored in the workplace. Employees can use productivity data to self-manage their time if the reports show they’ve become distracted.

By sending reports straight to an inbox rather than manually running reports on the CurrentWare console you can easily limit access to the console without blocking access to critical computer usage monitoring data.

To learn how to get BrowseReporter’s employee monitoring reports sent straight to your inbox, check out these articles in the CurrentWare knowledge base:

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