Controlling internet and application usage creates an academic-friendly environment

“Students love BrowseControl because it gives them a safe working environment and prevents potential bad actors from interrupting their educational experience.”

CurrentWare Customer Gabriel Alvarado

Gabriel Alvarado
CIS/CIT Instructor
Tennessee College of Applied Technology Crump, Tennessee

Tennessee College Of Applied Technology

Tennessee College of Applied Technology is one of the best technological educational institutions in the area. In order to keep delivering a cutting-edge learning experience, TCAT Crump has continually reacted to technological innovations by progressively integrating online resources into curriculums and teaching methods. The college’s students have clearly reaped the benefits of this. Recent figures show that 95% of students find employment within their field of study after graduating.

Whilst appreciating the benefits that the college has enjoyed through its contemporary learning environment, TCAT Crump’s CIT Instructor Gabriel Alvarado was quick to highlight the responsibilities that come with this.

Schools and colleges are targeted more than a thousand times each day by cybercriminals looking to compromise their systems. Mr. Alvarado was passionate in emphasizing that it is fundamental for educational institutions to defend against unauthorized access to personal information belonging to pupils, parents, or staff.

Following a year of substantial digitalization at the college, the search began in early 2008 for a technology that would competently control internet access. By regulating web and cloud access, Mr. Alvarado hoped that the college could alleviate the risk of dangerous links or files clicked or ran erroneously. Simultaneously, it was hoped that a web-filtering tool could be used to block out any distractions that students may suffer from when undertaking online activities.

Following a comparison of various solutions, CurrentWare’s BrowseControl stood out. With many schools and colleges amongst CurrentWare’s existing customer base, TCAT Crump found it reassuring to hear that the team was experienced in fulfilling the needs of these organizations.

Furthermore, the added convenience of an instant remote installation process meant that the college would be able to deploy the software during the school term rather than having to wait until the holidays.

“Exposing students to the digital world comes with a responsibility to protect them. And as well as keeping our students safe, we also need to keep our system safe! Students aren’t always aware of the dangerous consequences of their online actions, so there is always a risk of harmful behavior.”


As students were only required to access certain websites and applications at college, Mr. Alvarado decided to begin by blocking internet access to all students before using BrowseControl’s Whitelisting feature to unblock the necessary resources. Fortunately, this decision was received positively by TCAT’s students who expressed gratitude that bandwidth would not be consumed by other students who were misusing computers to play games or browse websites such as YouTube. The speed and flexibility of the centralized control feature proved to be extremely useful for teachers and staff too, who were able to reactively manage a classroom by controlling permissions in real-time.


CurrentWare Customer Tennessee College of Applied Technology Crump


Most importantly, BrowseControl allowed TCAT Crump students to enjoy all of the benefits of an online learning environment whilst eliminating the impact of malicious internet usage.


“We were able to have the software up and running on the same day, and didn’t even need to contact customer support. Through a central server, we installed the technology on all of the student computers remotely and immediately distinguished staff user accounts.”

CurrentWare Customer Gabriel Alvarado

Gabriel Alvarado
Tennessee College of Applied Technology Crump, Tennessee

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