5 Useful Tips to Keep Employees Focused and Motivated

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There’s something I think we can all agree on: the Internet is a massive information repository that we can spend many hours peeling at the surface of its content – just to find out that we barely scratched the surface, Cyber Security risks are definitely a consideration with employees being so connected.

We are constantly being distracted by this ubiquitous medium that surrounds our daily life. So how do we keep ourselves and our employees focused and motivated?

Thankfully, there are software and techniques available that can help keep us on track.

Here are our top 5 tips for improving productivity based on customer feedback and our own practical experience.

#1 Praise Positive Behaviors

Rewarding employees on great achievements can lead to repeated positive behavior.

Identifying commonly used applications in your employees daily routine can help you understand if they are steering in the right direction.

For example, an accountant should be spending a majority of their time on accounting and office software.

With BrowseReporter’s Application Tracking feature, you can monitor exactly how long your employees spent on their applications. These application tracking reports can be automatically sent directly to your inbox.

Having this insight on your employee’s daily computer usage, you can easily reward employees that focus most of their time and attention on business applications.

#2 Setting the Right Goals

Having the right goal setting tools can greatly improve employee productivity.

Our team uses Redmine to set development goals. We allow every developers to have visibility to all the project goals.

Goals need to be specific. Your employees need to know exactly what they are trying to achieve.

Goals need to have deadlines. This gives the employees a sense of responsibility and an understanding of how urgent the goal is.

Always try to set goals that will motivate your employees. A great goal will help energize your employees and make them feel valuable for their contribution. On the contrary, a goal without any substance will repel your employees and pushes them into wasting time on the Internet.

Other recommended Project Management Tools: Trello, Asana

#3 Curb on the Time-Wasting Activities

If you let bad habits be, they will become worse.

Start off by identifying websites that are detrimental to your business. Install employee web monitoring software on their computers and monitor their Internet activities.

Use BrowseReporter’s Specific URL Report to help you uncover employees that are spiraling down the wrong path.

For the employees that are spending way too much time on distracting websites, set more challenging and rewarding goals to put them back on track.

#4 Enforce an Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Browsing

Introducing an acceptable use policy for web browsing in your company can be a challenging task.

Once all the employees are all on board, it’s time to install a web filtering software on your network.

We recommend using BrowseControl Web Filter. BrowseControl was designed with business owners in mind. Within minutes, you can start controlling the Internet access of your employees computers.

With these tools you can properly enforce your acceptable use policy for internet browsing.

#5 Create Flexible Schedules in your company

For companies that are not time-sensitive, try introducing flexible work hours for the first and last hour of each day. This will ensure your employees start the day off stress free.

You can also loosen the Internet restrictions during breaks and lunch time.

The BrowseControl web filtering solution, includes an Internet scheduler, which gives administrator the flexibility to schedule different Internet restrictions at various times of the day.

Ready to get your Employees Focused and Motivated?

While managing a team of dissatisfied employees can be daunting, there are tried and proven ways to improve their productivity. The best approach is to constantly monitor their habits and reinforce positive behaviors.

We build software that helps business monitor and control employees Internet activities. Let us help you out.

In addition, don’t forget about how workplace functions, furniture & using the best office chair can assist in helping your employees be productive.

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.