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Grant Temporarily Device Access


One of our most highly requested features!

Due to the unpredictable nature of business operations and employee accountability, administrators can now provide temporary access codes for endpoint devices.

From the CurrentWare Console, administrators can simply select the employee(s) that they want to provide endpoint access to and then generate a temporary access code that allows them to access endpoint devices such as USBs, external hard drives, and WiFi adapters. Once generated, the access codes are instantly in effect, providing employers and administrators with real-time capabilities.

Generate a temporary access code in 3 steps, all from the CurrentWare Console:

  1. Select the employee(s) that you want to generate an access code for.
  2. Choose the expiration date and duration of the access code.
  3. Generate the access code and share it with employee(s).

Activate the temporary access code from the employee computer:

  1. Open the Control Panel and choose “All control panel items”.
  2. Select “Grant access to endpoint devices”.
  3. Enter the temporary access code as provided by the employer.

Once the temporary access code is activated, check its status from the CurrentWare Console.



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Magnifying glass icon for logging file transfers to USB devices.

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