CurrentWare Gateway Pricing

All Prices are in $USD
Small Business Packs1 year subscription (per year)2 year subscription (per year)3 year subscription (per year)
5 Devices$99.00$89.00$79.00
10 Devices$175.00$158.00$140.00
15 Devices$225.00$199.00$180.00
20 Devices$249.00$225.00$199.00
30 Devices$349.00$315.00$279.00
50 Devices$499.00$449.00$399.00

Volume Pricing (per device)

51-99 Devices$10.00$9.00$8.00
100- 249 Devices$9.00$8.00$7.00
250-499 Devices$7.50$6.75$6.00
500-999 Devices$6.00$5.40$5.00
1000-1999 Devices$5.00$4.50$4.00
2000+ Devices$4.50$4.00$3.60

How To Order

Credit Card Orders

Orders may be placed by credit card, fax (1-866-929-9808), email ( or by phone (613-368-4300)

Purchase Orders

Fax PO's to 1-866-929-9808, or e-mail to or call 613-368-4300

Important: We will require end user company name to generate the license key. Licenses are normally delivered within 1 business day.

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