NOTE: CurrentWare Gateway has been discontinued

As of April 2021 CurrentWare Gateway has reached End-of-Life. It is no longer offered for sale and there will be no new developments to the product. The best alternative to CurrentWare Gateway is BrowseControl web filtering software and BrowseReporter employee computer monitoring software.

Gateway web filtering alternative: BrowseControl

BrowseControl is an easy-to-use web filter that helps organizations enforce policies, improve productivity, reduce bandwidth consumption, and meet compliance requirements – no matter where their users are located.

With BrowseControl you can ensure a safe and productive environment by blocking high-risk, distracting, or inappropriate websites, improve network performance by blocking bandwidth hogs, and prevent users from using unsanctioned applications and software-as-a-service providers

BrowseControl’s security policies are enforced by a software agent that is installed on your user’s computers. This allows the solution to continue blocking websites and applications even when computers are taken off-site.

BrowseControl’s central console allows you to configure your security policies from the convenience of a web browser. 

With BrowseControl you can Block or allow websites based on URL, category, domain, or IP address, assign custom policies for each group of computers or users, prevent users from launching specific applications, and block network ports to reduce the attack surface of your network

There are three key methods for blocking websites with BrowseControl:

The Blocked List allows you to block specific websites based on URL, domain, or IP address

Category Filtering allows you to block millions of websites across over 100 content categories including pornography, social media, and virus-infected sites.

and finally, you can use the Allowed List to allow specific websites that would otherwise be blocked based on their category, or for the greatest security and control you can block all websites except for those that are on the Allowed List.

When your users try to visit a blocked website they can either be presented with a custom warning message or directed to another site, such as a page with a reminder of your organization’s internet use policy.

With BrowseControl’s App Blocker you can prevent your users from launching specific applications.

Simply select the group you would like to restrict, enter the Original Filename of the application to the Application List, and add it to the blocked applications list.

When the user tries to launch the blocked application they can be presented with a custom warning message that alerts them of the restriction.

BrowseControl is best used in tandem with our computer monitoring software BrowseReporter. Using both solutions provides the visibility and control you need to ensure that your organization’s computers are being used appropriately.

Don’t let internet abuse run rampant in your organization. Take back control over web browsing with a free trial of BrowseControl.

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If you have any technical questions during your evaluation our support team is available to help you over a phone call, live chat, or email.

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  • Block websites based on URL, IP Address, or category
  • Use allowed lists and blocked lists to customize internet restrictions
  • Block Windows applications, network ports, and more

Gateway internet monitoring alternative: BrowseReporter

  • Get reports on employee internet activities
  • Track application usage, bandwidth consumption, websites visited, and more
  • Get reports sent to your inbox on a set schedule or when specific browsing behaviors occur

CurrentWare Gateway was a web filtering Gateway that sits between your Internet and your local area network. It filters all the Internet traffic from your router before it reaches the devices on your network.

On this page, you will learn how to install and use the CurrentWare Gateway.

Installation Steps

  1. Run the CurrentWareGateway.exe file on the CurrentWare Gateway computer
  2. The installer checks if the pre-requisite components are installed and automatically install the missing components.
  3. Click Install to start the installation of the CurrentWare Gateway
  4. After the CurrentWare Gateway is installed, The Internet Connection Sharing Wizard will pop up automatically to help you set up for the first time
  5. After choosing the correct IP addresses, click Enable ICS.
  6. At the CurrentWare Gateway License Wizard screen, you may enter your product key or select Evaluation to try out Gateway for 14 days with 10 licenses.

Note: In order to identify each wireless device individually in the Gateway console, you must disable DHCP in the router that they are connecting to, and ensure the Ethernet connection is made to the LAN port of that router.

Identifying Employee Smartphones on the Network

As smartphones connect to the wireless network that is provided through the Gateway, you will see a message letting you know that a new device has connected.

Control Internet on Employee's Smartphones

After clicking the refresh button, you will see the device populate in the “Root” group.

Enforce internet policies to block internet access on Smartphones

On the Manage page, create a new group that will contain all the smartphones that you want to apply this policy to. Move any device that you require into this group. In the screenshot below, I have named my new group “Smartphones”.

Filter Smartphone Internet

On the Policies page, click “Add Policy”.

Under Policy Name, specify a name for this policy. Ex. “Smartphone Internet Policy”

Select the group you want to apply this policy to.

Apply Web filtering policy to Smartphones in your workplace

Select any categories of websites that you want to restrict under this policy by making selections under the “Blocked Categories” section.

Block Smartphones from access web content categories

Add any websites that you want to block outright to the “Always Block” list.

Block Facebook on your Smartphone

Add any exceptions that you want to allow to the “Always Allow” list.

Allow Authorized websites on your wireless devices

Select the restriction level for downloading file types in the file type blocking window.

Restrict Downloads on your Smartphones

Save the policy and you’re done!

Any Smartphones that are listed in the group called “Smartphones” will now be restricted by the “Smartphone Internet Policy” that you’ve just created.