CurrentWare Unveils Web Filtering Gateway for Mobile Devices

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NOTE: CurrentWare Gateway has been discontinued

As of April 2021 CurrentWare Gateway has reached End-of-Life. It is no longer offered for sale and there will be no new developments to the product. The best alternative to CurrentWare Gateway is BrowseControl web filtering software and BrowseReporter employee computer monitoring software.

Gateway web filtering alternative: BrowseControl

BrowseControl is an easy-to-use web filter that helps organizations enforce policies, improve productivity, reduce bandwidth consumption, and meet compliance requirements – no matter where their users are located.

With BrowseControl you can ensure a safe and productive environment by blocking high-risk, distracting, or inappropriate websites, improve network performance by blocking bandwidth hogs, and prevent users from using unsanctioned applications and software-as-a-service providers

BrowseControl’s security policies are enforced by a software agent that is installed on your user’s computers. This allows the solution to continue blocking websites and applications even when computers are taken off-site.

BrowseControl’s central console allows you to configure your security policies from the convenience of a web browser. 

With BrowseControl you can Block or allow websites based on URL, category, domain, or IP address, assign custom policies for each group of computers or users, prevent users from launching specific applications, and block network ports to reduce the attack surface of your network

There are three key methods for blocking websites with BrowseControl:

The Blocked List allows you to block specific websites based on URL, domain, or IP address

Category Filtering allows you to block millions of websites across over 100 content categories including pornography, social media, and virus-infected sites.

and finally, you can use the Allowed List to allow specific websites that would otherwise be blocked based on their category, or for the greatest security and control you can block all websites except for those that are on the Allowed List.

When your users try to visit a blocked website they can either be presented with a custom warning message or directed to another site, such as a page with a reminder of your organization’s internet use policy.

With BrowseControl’s App Blocker you can prevent your users from launching specific applications.

Simply select the group you would like to restrict, enter the Original Filename of the application to the Application List, and add it to the blocked applications list.

When the user tries to launch the blocked application they can be presented with a custom warning message that alerts them of the restriction.

BrowseControl is best used in tandem with our computer monitoring software BrowseReporter. Using both solutions provides the visibility and control you need to ensure that your organization’s computers are being used appropriately.

Don’t let internet abuse run rampant in your organization. Take back control over web browsing with a free trial of BrowseControl.

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If you have any technical questions during your evaluation our support team is available to help you over a phone call, live chat, or email.

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  • Block websites based on URL, IP Address, or category
  • Use allowed lists and blocked lists to customize internet restrictions
  • Block Windows applications, network ports, and more

Gateway internet monitoring alternative: BrowseReporter

  • Get reports on employee internet activities
  • Track application usage, bandwidth consumption, websites visited, and more
  • Get reports sent to your inbox on a set schedule or when specific browsing behaviors occur

CurrentWare (a division of Codework Inc), a leader in Internet filtering and restriction software solutions, announced the release of CurrentWare Gateway, that extends the reach of Internet security to wireless devices and non-windows systems.

CurrentWare Gateway, is platform independent, encompassing web filtering policies to all devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, netbooks, Macs and Windows PCs. With no client components to deploy, the solution is configured within minutes, with minimal maintenance. The intuitive interface, alleviates the overhead of training IT staff. Policy deployment is straight forward, allowing administrators to employ an Internet restriction solution in no time.

Since the solution does not require a client installation, administrators can be assured that the company wide web filtering policies can also be extended to users or guests that bring their own devices (BYOD) to use the organization’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

CurrentWare Gateway addresses the needs of organizations that require an effective yet cost effect approach to web blocking and filtering policies that are in line with company usage requirements. The solution is designed to cover from small to large scale device management, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, Macs, laptops and PCs. With the CurrentWare Gateway solution, you will be up and running in no time since configuration of the solution is simple with no client components to deploy.

“Our solution is unique compared to competitor products” commented, CEO Jay Lakhani . “With the growth in mobile and BYOD devices, our customers wanted an agentless solution that allows organizations to manage/filter internet activity of employees and guests. Our goal was to design a software based solution, that does not require the expensive investment needed in purchasing a hardware appliance. An existing Windows 8 machine can be utilized to run the Currentware Internet Gateway software in hybrid environments, where organizations have a need to use PCs and mobile devices” .

Mr Lakhani continued “Healthcare organizations are a good example, where some employees have the need to use a mobile device, while others are using a desktop or laptop. Our Currentware Internet Gateway software will manage/filter internet access for all these devices”.

The CurrentWare Gateway package delivers a simple, yet effective and affordable web filtering solution that is independent of operating systems.

Currentware is renowned for developing simple intuitive solutions, and the NEW Internet Gateway adds to the portfolio of products with support for desktops, laptops and Mobile devices on all platforms including iOs, Android and Windows.

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Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.