Block Downloading from the Internet

Block downloads from the Internet

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The Download Filter is a list of file extensions that the administrator can allow or deny the users from accessing while they are surfing the Internet and can block downloading of these files. With just a few clicks and administrator can set a policy to select and filter out specific types of files from downloading on browsers.

By default, the Download Filter contains the categories of images and layouts. The reason for this is that some websites retrieve image files and layout files from external websites or servers. In order for the website to look properly, the Download Filter will allow the images and layout files on the website to be loaded without being blocked even though the files are not on the Allowed list.

In contrast, you can put files extension on the Download Filter that may be a threat to your network. By adding .exe, .zip, .tar and etc. files on the Download Filter, you can block downloading of these files from happening.

The streaming of audio and video files can also be blocked by putting in the appropriate file extension, such as .mp3, .swf and .mpeg.

There are three permission types. When “Allowed” is selected, the file extensions in the category will be allowed. When “Blocked” is selected, the file extensions in the category will be blocked. When “None” is selected, the file extensions in the category are not active and will be ignored.

Additionally, you can use BrowseControl's Web filtering to block access to web mail and/or file sharing and storage sites making personal emails and cloud storages inaccessible and prevent downloading.



How to Install BrowseControl to Block Downloading

On this page, we will show you how to use BrowseControl's download filter and web filter to block downloading and internet access and restrict your employees from accessing any files that are not work related from the internet.

Before your begin: Download the CurrentWare Setup File

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Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

1. Install the CurrentWare Console on the manager's computer

  • Run the setup file
  • Select BrowseControl and Category Filtering
  • The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseControl onto your computer

Install CurrentWare Web Filter Client on Employee's computers

2. Install the CurrentWare Clients on your employee's computers

  • Take the CurrentWare Client setup file and run it on the client computer.
  • The installer will ask you for the computer name of the CurrentWare Console to establish a connection.
  • After the CurrentWare Client is installed, it will connect to your CurrentWare Console automatically.
  • Repeat step 1-3 on all the computers you want to control the Internet.

How to use Download Filter

  1. Select Download Filter on BrowseControl
  2. Create Category Name
  3. Set the Policy Permission to Allow or Block downloading of images, audio, and more
  4. Add File Extension Types to Filter such as .jpg, .png, .mp3, .exe
  5. Downloading Blocked!
Block downloads from the Internet


How to use Category Filter

  1. Select Category Filter on BrowseControl
  2. Select File Hosting and Web Mail Categories to Filter
  3. Add the Categories to the Blocked List to block,, and more
  4. Click Apply to Clients
  5. File Hosting and Web Mail sites are blocked!
Category Filter to Block Downloads


How do I block downloading?

You can block downloading using internet restriction software such as BrowseControl. Using Browse Control's download filter, you can set a policy to block files from being downloaded from the internet. With the download filter you select and block specific fle extensions from downloading on your browsers such as Google Chrome.


How do I prevent employees from downloading files from the internet?

BrowseControl can prevent employees from downloading files from the internet by simply installing the software to the employees' computers. With BrowseControl's download filter you can block downloading from happening on your employees' browsers. In addition, BrowseControl's Web filter can block browsers such as Google Chrome from accessing file-sharing / storage and webmail websites such as google drive, OneDrive, gmail more to prevent downloading.


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