Back to School – How to keep your Child’s Technology Secure

Four teenagers on their smart phones texting.

Technology is more prevalent in school these days than ever before. My coworker was even telling me the other day that kids having cell phones in elementary school is almost the norm.

Obviously I was in disbelief, so I looked up the percentage of students that have their own cell phones. I just wanted to share this, if you don’t have kids in the younger grades this will be quite the surprise so brace yourself. The percentage of children with their own cell phone: grade 3: 19%, grade 4: 25.5%, grade 5 39%, middle school: 83.5%, and high school: 85%.  That’s an average between the genders, with the difference never being more than 2%.


On top of the prevalence of cell phones other technology like tablets, smart boards, and laptops are becoming extremely common place in schools as well. Soon kids won’t even need to learn how to write by hand!

But all of this technology brings up some concerns, such as how do you keep your kid from visiting harmful sites, or falling victim to malware or other viruses. Technology is not cheap and since kids are especially inexperienced in using technology you need to find a way to safeguard your hardware, as well as your child. But how do you do this?

One way is to use the CurrentWare suite, as it gives you a comprehensive package to save money and protect your child. There are four parts to the CurrentWare suite, BrowseControl, BrowseReporter, AccessPatrol, and enPowerManager. The first two, BrowseControl and BrowseReporter, allow you to filter and monitor the internet of your child’s computer. This is critical as you can prevent your child from accidentally visiting websites that are inappropriate, as well as prevent them from downloading a virus from a hostile site.

You can also monitor their surfing with these products, which will allow you to see if what they are interested in as well as help you follow what subjects they are working on in school. The next product I wanted to introduce is AccessPatrol which allows you to control external storage devices.

To give an example, if you wanted to keep your child’s laptop free from any video games you could block any downloads of the sort, as well as prevent the installation of any games from USB devices or CDs. AccessPatrol allows you to allow, block, and set storage devices to read-only.

The final product of the suite is enPowerManager which allows you additional control of power consumption. Not only can you remotely boot, restart or shut down, but you can also limit how long the computer is allowed to run. If you wanted to have a laptop that was only operational during school hours you could set up a schedule that allows the laptop to only be turned on during a specific time.

Overall the CurrentWare suite is a great package to have for your little student, and is a must have for this back to school season. Not convinced? Try it out for 14 days completely free today!  

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.