Alternative to Router or Firewall for Employee Monitoring Solution

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BrowseReporter is a great alternative to using your router or firewall to tracking employee computer activities.

Comparison between BrowseReporter vs. router for monitoring employee computer activities

FeaturesBrowseReporterRouter or Firewall
Track Full URLBrowseReporter tracks the exact website url that the employee has been browsing on their windows pcsit will track mainly the domain and not the full url
Track Active WebsitesBrowseReporter prevents information overload by tracking the URL from the address bar. It avoids tracking irrelevant URLs that will load in the background of every website (i.e. cdn, javascript, image server, ads, analytics).it will track all the backend irrelevant URLs. Making the report very hard to read
Track Time AccuratelyBrowseReporter tracks the active time employees spend on websites. It can tell you how long the Internet browser window was in focusedit cannot track time
Track Windows ApplicationsBrowseReporter tracks active windows applications that are running on your employees computersit cannot track windows applications
Report by Windows usersBrowseReporter can report by windows users and computer namesit will report only by computer name or IP address but it cannot report by windows users
Monitor Remote WorkersBrowseReporter can monitor computer activities from local and remote workersIt cannot track computers outside the network
Email ReportSchedule BrowseReporter to send you a report on employee activities anytime you like.It cannot schedule email reports
Email AlertsAlerts you by email when an employee violates your company's Internet usage policyIt cannot send alerts
Unlimited StorageYou can store data in BrowseReporter indefinitely. There is no file size limitLog file size varies based on manufacturer. Most routers and firewalls have a small log file limit.
CurrentWare Admin
CurrentWare Admin
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