Lock Safe Search on Computers

BrowseControl’s safe search feature ensures that the adult content filtering features of Google are always enabled. With BrowseControl managing your user’s search engine queries you can rest assured that Google’s content filters cannot be disabled by your users.

Prevent students, patrons, and employees from accessing inappropriate and NSFW content

Filter out adult images, videos, and other sexually explicit content in search queries

Maintain a respectable work environment and avoid unwanted distractions

BC Client Settings Safe search

Proactively filtering explicit search results adds another layer of assurance that your employees or students are using search engines appropriately. BrowseControl provides network administrators with the means to ensure that computer users are not going against internet use policies by searching for explicit content.

Why should I use the safe search feature?

With BrowseControl’s safe search lock enabled you can rest assured that Google’s SafeSearch algorithm cannot be accidentally or maliciously deactivated. This allows your users to freely search for relevant topics without inadvertently discovering unsuitable content.

CIPA Compliance: Meet CIPA filtering compliance by preventing students and underaged patrons from using search engines to discover obscene content.

Search Relevancy: Ensure that searches are directly relevant to the topics you expect your users to search for by filtering inappropriate terms that share similar terms.

Respect in the Workplace: Prevent employees from accidentally exposing their coworkers to NSFW content when using search engines in the workplace.

To further your search engine query management capabilities, combine BrowseControl’s safe search lock with BrowseReporter’s search engine query report. Ensure that your users are not attempting to search for obscene images when using the computers in your network.

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