Configure A Custom Blocked Website Message

BrowseControl’s web filter displays a blocked website message when users attempt to access blacklisted websites. The default message displayed is “Your IT Administrator has prevented you from browsing this URL” and it can be customized to deliver the exact messaging you want your users to see when they access blocked websites.

By providing a custom message when users access a blocked website you can provide employees and students with an explanation of how your organization uses web filters to secure the network, prevent inappropriate content from being accessed, and manage productivity.

Give warning to users that attempt to access inappropriate or unsafe websites

Replace the default warning message with a link to your organization’s acceptable use of the internet policy

Redirect traffic to company-approved resources and away from undesirable websites

See CurrentWare’s Custom Blocked Website
Message In Action

BrowseControl’s web filter can block users from accessing specific websites - simply add the URLs or domains of the websites you would like to block to the blacklist! This internet control software makes managing internet access simple and effective no matter how specific your organization’s needs are.

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