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CurrentWare is Citrix Ready

CurrentWare has been recognized as a top performer in the employee monitoring software category by, a leading research portal and B2B review platform. consistently seeks out effective business software that yields tangible results. Businesses and researchers rely on to provide crucial insights into industry trends and trustworthy software evaluations. Moreover, the platform aids businesses in discovering promising software solutions by offering meticulously tested and reviewed product listings.

This recognition of CurrentWare as the best employee monitoring software is based on’s proprietary methodology that analyzes various factors, including user satisfaction ratings, software features, and market presence. CurrentWare received high marks in these areas, solidifying its position as a leader in the employee monitoring software market.

Their CurrentWare review post describes our platform as having a comprehensive suite of features that help businesses track employee activity, identify potential security risks, and improve overall productivity.

About CurrentWare

Companies of all sizes and in various industries use our employee monitoring and data security software, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

Through CurrentWare’s platform, businesses can effectively track employee productivity by location, enabling flexibility while maintaining accountability. 

With this in mind, has considered CurrentWare the best employee monitoring software because it provides businesses with valuable insights into how their workforce utilizes time, even in environments that use Citrix, Terminal Server, or Remote Desktop Services, among other services.

CurrentWare’s real-time tracking of employee computer activity provides organizations with immediate insights into engagement levels and productivity through intuitive dashboards and automated reporting systems.

CurrentWare’s effectiveness is further underscored by its endorsement from renowned organizations such as Cushing Terrell; HBCS Revenue Cycle; Morris, Manning, and Martin LLP; Viking Yachts; and the New York City Department of Transportation, among many others. These endorsements attest to our platform’s reliability and efficiency in meeting the diverse needs of businesses across different sectors.

Activity Insights in Citrix Workspace Drives Software Adoption and Productivity

Businesses need insights into the employee experience so they can address any friction during the adoption of new tools.

Read The Coding Network’s case study to learn how CurrentWare’s software usage tracking solutions helped them get their software adoption rate to 100%

As one of the best employee monitoring software available, CurrentWare empowers businesses to enforce acceptable use policies effectively by providing detailed evidence of PC usage, including web activity logs and screenshots. This proactive approach helps organizations mitigate risks associated with inappropriate internet use and optimize software spend by identifying tools that are genuinely used versus those going to waste. 

One of the most popular use cases of CurrentWare is in monitoring and managing remote teams. With CurrentWare’s extensive suite of features, organizations gain access to actionable insights that drive productivity and mitigate risks associated with remote work.

The CurrentWare platform allows businesses to monitor employee activity in granular detail, including tracking active vs. idle time to ensure optimal utilization of work hours. Furthermore, CurrentWare combats time theft by accurately tracking employee logon/logoff times and identifying instances of unauthorized breaks, promoting accountability and adherence to company policies.

CurrentWare embodies its recognition as the best employee monitoring software. Our customer’s success is a top priority; our dedicated customer support team is committed to providing high-quality assistance to customers at every stage of their journey.

From product training to technical support, CurrentWare ensures that customers receive the guidance and resources they need to maximize the value of their investment.

Moreover, with solutions tailored to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements, such as NERC CIP, ISO 27001, and CIPA, CurrentWare provides organizations with the tools they need to stay ahead in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

CurrentWare for NIST 800-171 & 800-53 compliance

CurrentWare’s endpoint security software for Windows offers organizations comprehensive protection against data loss, web threats, and unauthorized computer activities. It provides the means to implement custom security policies tailored to each group of users or computers, allowing organizations to block websites selectively, restrict access to high-risk sites, and maintain custom security policies across all endpoints.

One of the key features of CurrentWare’s data security solutions is its ability to block and audit storage devices, providing control over portable storage devices and monitoring data transfers to ensure compliance with data security policies.

With human error being a leading cause of cybersecurity breaches, CurrentWare mitigates the risk of insider threats by monitoring employee computer activity and preventing unauthorized actions that could lead to data breaches. Through real-time monitoring and alerts for high-risk user events, organizations can stay vigilant against potential security threats.

Centralized management is another critical feature of CurrentWare’s security solutions, allowing organizations to manage their security policies and run reports from a single, convenient location. With its Active Directory integration, CurrentWare simplifies user management by optionally importing and syncing existing AD OUs to the CurrentWare Console.

CurrentWare extends its heartfelt appreciation to its esteemed clientele for choosing it as the premier choice in employee monitoring and data security software. The trust bestowed upon CurrentWare by its customers serves as a testament to its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Moving forward, CurrentWare pledges to continue to enrich its platform with various innovative features, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry. Our company’s dedication to customer satisfaction remains unwavering, with a steadfast commitment to incorporating user feedback into future enhancements.

Improve Employee Productivity With
CurrentWare’s Remote Employee Monitoring Software

CurrentWare is a gamechanger! We use it nearly every day to get insights into things like software adoption rates, employee productivity, and proof of work for our clients.

Ready to get advanced insights into how your employees spend their time? Reach out to the CurrentWare team for a demo of BrowseReporter, CurrentWare’s employee and computer monitoring software.

  • Improve Productivity
    Track unproductive web browsing and idle time to detect time-wasting
  • Save Time With Intuitive Reports
    User-friendly reports make it easy to understand employee computer activity
  • Enhance Visibility
    See how employees spend their time—even on Terminal Server and Remote Desktop Services!
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.