Monitor Employee Productivity, Internet, and Application Usage

  • Improve Productivity
    Track unproductive web browsing and idle time to detect time-wasting  
  • Save Time With Intuitive Reports
    User-friendly reports make it easy to understand what employees are doing on company computers
  • Enhance Visibility
    See how your remote employees spend their time on the internet & applications

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    BrowseReporter employee productivity dashboard

    Make Informed Decisions with User Activity Monitoring

    Get insights into how your employees use the internet and applications during work hours

    • Discover employees that are wasting work time on social media, games, and other distractions
    • Track productivity for your entire workforce, a specific team, and individual employees
    • Find out the time slots that remote workers and other employees with flexible schedules are the most active

    Enforcing Acceptable Use Policies Has Never Been Easier

    BrowseReporter keeps detailed evidence of web activity, making it the perfect tool for enforcing internet use policies

    • Collect evidence of employees that are visiting inappropriate or unsafe websites
    • Improve security with triggered alerts every time your employees visit high-risk websites
    • Combine BrowseReporter with BrowseControl web filter to block unwanted websites and applications
    BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

    Capture Screenshots
    of Employee Desktops

    Capture screenshots when specific websites or applications are used to see exactly what your employees are doing on their computers

    • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops
    • Automatically delete older screenshots to reduce storage requirements
    • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the computer name

    Monitor Your Employees—No Matter Where They Work

    BrowseReporter’s software client collects employee computer activity data even when they disconnect from the company network

    • Maintain visibility when employees work from home
    • Ensure that offsite devices are being used appropriately
    • Compare productivity between in-office and remote employees
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    Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

    “I chose CurrentWare for the solid product that gave more options with a lower price tag, high accuracy, and solid customer support.” -Vincent Pecoreno Network Administrator, Viking Yachts
    "When we first saw the employee tracking reports we were totally surprised by some of the behaviors that had gone under the radar" - Kevin Porsche, IT Admin, Shady Maple
    Since we’ve let employees work from home we’ve had to have them connect remotely to the office. Thanks to BrowseReporter we know exactly what they’re doing during work hours
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    Try BrowseReporter for Free

    Fully Functional. Easy to use. Starting at $3.99 PUPM