Steps for Avoiding Online Security Threats

In the age of cloud-based data storage and digitally-integrated businesses, the Internet, with all its opportunities and dangers, is essential for many companies. But as undeniably useful Internet integration can be for a company, the online threats that follow can be equally as devastating.

Data breaches can mean immeasurable damage to a business of any size, to reputation and revenue – and could result from not only malicious attackers, but simple workplace carelessness. By taking measures to avoid online security threats, a business owner reduces the everyday chance of online catastrophe and maximizes the benefits of Internet usage while minimizing risks.

With October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, there is no better opportunity to begin securing online security at the user level – by educating employees on safe Internet usage as soon as possible. Recognition of malicious websites, downloads, and applications prevents breaches before they ever occur. All connected employees should also understand the basics of network security, which often simply means awareness of appropriate workspace browsing habits.

But not all Internet dangers are recognizable, even by the tech-savviest employees, and accidents can inevitably happen. Business owners should layer their online security by using tools to monitor or restrict Internet access where necessary.

For example, a web content filtering solution like CurrentWare’s BrowseControl can reduce online threat exposure by blocking access to infected websites that are seemingly harmless, or restricting employees from browsing inappropriate or irrelevant online content.

By pairing web filtering with a powerful monitoring software like BrowseReporter, an administrator has all the necessary tools to pinpoint and address any potential security concerns, across every computer on the network. And by monitoring inbound and outbound communications, a business can keep data secure and protect their customers, their employees, and the business itself.

by Andy Ma

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.
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