The Top 6 Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Looking for software solutions for manufacturers? This article highlights the top software solutions for the manufacturing industry across 6 key categories – DLP, ERP, MES, QMS, PLM, and CAD. 

1) CurrentWare – Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Productivity Software for Manufacturers

currentware's productivity and security software for manfufacturing

Industrial espionage and malicious insiders put sensitive manufacturing data at risk. Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 30% of data breaches were caused by insider threats and that 86% of data breaches were financially motivated. 

Without critical security controls CAD files, financial data, and other intellectual property can easily be stolen and sold to competitors to give them an edge. CurrentWare’s data loss prevention & employee monitoring software for manufacturing adds an extra layer of security to protect sensitive data.

  • Device Control: Prevent data theft by blocking and monitoring activities on USB devices such as flash drives, memory cards, and external hard drives.
  • Web Filtering: Block employees from accessing unauthorized cloud storage accounts and other high-risk websites.
  • App Blocker: Prevent unauthorized app use by controlling who can launch specific applications. Easily block potentially unwanted applications to bolster endpoint security.
  • Employee Monitoring: Discover suspicious and high-risk computer usage. Track websites visited, files transferred to USB devices, and other activities on company endpoints.

CurrentWare Pricing

CurrentWare’s solutions can be purchased individually for the greatest flexibility or as a bundle for the best value. When purchasing individually, BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, and AccessPatrol start at $3.99 USD per license per month (paid annually).

Volume license discounts are available starting for as low as 100 users, with discounts increasing depending on the number of licenses. There are additional discounts available for educational organizations, non-profits, managed services providers, and for businesses that pre-purchase multiple year plans.  

Looking for a quote? Contact CurrentWare’s sales team here.

It’s easy to overlook the threat that can arise from within the company, especially when devices are being taken off site. The damage that data breaches can cause is enormous!

2) Fishbowl – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A screenshot of Fishbowl's ERP homepage for manufacturing

Manufacturers benefit greatly from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP software provides features for managing core business processes in manufacturing including inventory management and order processing. 

Fishbowl Manufacturing is an ERP system that provides manufacturers with tools for automating processes associated with work orders, manufacturing orders, bills of materials, and other key manufacturing documents. 

Fishbowl also offers Fishbowl Go, a mobile app designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management with an integrated barcode scanner. This app is used to perform cycle accounts, receive items, accept signatures on deliveries, and more.

Fishbowl integrates with other manufacturing software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, and Shopify. It includes inventory tracking across multiple warehouses, allowing for granular inventory management. 

Pricing: Fishbowl offers pricing on request. There is a 14-day free trial available. Their software is perpetually licensed with optional renewals available for support and maintenance. 

3) DELMIAworks – Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

A screenshot of IQMS' / Delmiaworks' Manufacturing Execution System (MES) homepage for manufacturing

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides manufacturers with increased visibility and transparency into their operations. These systems help reduce production errors, decrease part lead time, reduce quality losses, and increase production throughput by tracking and gathering detailed production data from shop floors and delivering it to ERP systems. 

DELMIAworks (formerly IQMS) is best known for EnterpriseIQ and WebIQ, which provides both ERP and MES solutions for manufacturers. DELMIAworks’ MES solution is designed to integrate with both existing ERP solutions or as a package with their ERP offering. Their MES solution provides process monitoring tools that track key data including lots numbers, item numbers, timestamps, and work center details.

Pricing: DELMIAworks offers pricing on request. They offer a free demo of their products on request. They offer both perpetually licensed on-premises options and cloud-based subscription services. Support is billed periodically with managed services options available.

4) Qualio – Quality Management Software (QMS)

Quality Management Software (QMS) integrates with ERP systems to improve compliance with quality standards and control costs. These systems provide resources for risk management, document control, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), complaint management, and other quality control measures.

Qualio is a QMS that is targeted towards life sciences manufacturers. They provide solutions that are used by medical device manufacturers, pharma and biotech companies, and regulated contract service providers. Qualio customers use the platform to track changes and actions within closed-loop quality processes.

Pricing: Pricing for Qualio’s annual plans start at $12,000. They offer three different tiers of their QMS solution – starter, growth, and enterprise. A guided trial is available.

5) Upchain – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software maintains product lifecycle data to help inform manufacturers during ideation, procurement, and production. They link together metadata from CAD files to inform bills of materials, manage workflows and product data, and provide auxiliary suppliers and stakeholders a verified centralized source of data.

Upchain provides a PLM solution with features for bill of materials management, automated parts numbering, change management, CAD data viewing, and project dashboards, among other features. 

Pricing: Upchain’s pricing is built on 4 license types. Each license type is billed according to the capabilities that each user will need, with cost per user starting as low as free and as high as $200/month. Their licenses can be billed annually or monthly. A live demo of their software is available on request. 

6) Rhino – Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software provides manufacturers and engineers with the capabilities to produce 2D and 3D models of products and physical components. These models help improve communications, increase the productivity of designers, and improve the quality of designs. Designs created in CAD software can be used to virtually demonstrate the intended final product, create 3D printed prototypes, and test products with simulations. 

Rhino 3D is commonly used for prototyping, engineering, architecture, and automotive design. It is based on NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Splines) geometry which is known for its accuracy and flexibility. 

Pricing: Rhino is available for a one-time purchase of $995 per user.  Their licenses include support and service releases for the current version. There are no maintenance fees. A 90-day evaluation trial is available. 


These software solutions improve productivity, data security, documentation, and resource planning for manufacturing companies. If you would like to learn more about CurrentWare’s employee monitoring and data loss prevention solutions for manufacturers you can reach us through live chat, email, and phone.

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.