Spotlight: Cybersecurity Skills, Endpoint Security, and Data Privacy

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The content experts on the CurrentWare team have been hard at work writing great guest content. Here’s what went live for the month of July!

1) GoSkills – Cybersecurity Skills for Beginners: How to Crack into the Industry

New to the world of cyber security and don’t know where to start? This guide we’ve written for GoSkills covers the cybersecurity skills you’ll need to know to break into this in-demand career. | Check it Out

2) ValueWalk – Entering The DARQ Age: A New Decade of Tech

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The “DARQ” Age refers to a broad collection of emerging technologies that are expected to completely change the technology landscape of the future. Detailed in Accenture’s “Technology Vision 2019” reportDistributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (ER), and Quantum Computing via cloud based quantum software and other tools are no longer niche competitive advantages – they are our new modern reality.  | Check it Out

3) ValueWalk – The Decline of Passwords

Authentication-based security is a critical component of data security, yet for quite some time it seems that how it’s approached has been slow to adapt to modern security and mobility needs. It’s becoming increasingly clear that passwords simply aren’t going to suffice, and global security leaders are stepping up to the plate to revolutionize how enterprises can approach authentication. In this article, I will outline trends in authentication-based security and take a promising look into the possibilities of our passwordless future. | Check it Out

4) phoenixNAP – Types of Network Security Explained

There is a wide variety of network security hardware, software, and methods that can be combined to protect sensitive data against external attacks and insider threats. This article outlines network security core principles and the most popular technologies used by cybersecurity professionals to reduce network vulnerabilities. | Check it Out

5) HR Toolbox – How HR Can Manage the Evolving Data Privacy Landscape

The data privacy landscape is evolving beyond cornerstone legislation such as GDPR and CCPA. In this article I explore the role that human resources has in data privacy and the key challenges organizations face. | Check it Out

Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland is the Digital Marketing Manager for CurrentWare, a global provider of user activity monitoring, web filtering, and device control software. Dale’s diverse multimedia background allows him the opportunity to produce a variety of content for CurrentWare including blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, and social media shareables.