Staying Secure in a New World – CurrentWare featured in The Times

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With employers suddenly forced to have their workforce working from home, the future of remote work has become a popular subject. How can employees that are working from home stay as secure as their in-house counterparts when they’re potentially using personal device on home networks?

As part of the “Staying Secure in a Remote World” section of their May 15th publication, UK-based publisher and content marketing agency Raconteur recently reached out to CurrentWare’s managing director Neel Lukka to get his thoughts on how companies can adapt their cybersecurity infrastructure to support their newly remote workers.

The publication has been featured in The Times, a popular daily national newspaper based in London. If you’d like to read the publication, you can find it here.

Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland
Dale Strickland is the Digital Marketing Manager for CurrentWare, a global provider of user activity monitoring, web filtering, and device control software. Dale’s diverse multimedia background allows him the opportunity to produce a variety of content for CurrentWare including blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, and social media shareables.