About CurrentWare

How it Began – It all started with BrowseControl

Our story begins in 2003, with the launch of our first product BrowseControl. Our flagship product has led us since its release, providing the user with the ability to control the web browsing of another computer. The technology was particularly useful to businesses who wished to control what their employees could do on the internet. BrowseControl was released with positive reviews from software review sites and customers.

The times are changing however. Since 2003 the internet has grown to a point where it is involved in nearly all aspects of our lives. Its potential in the workplace is near limitless, however with its business capabilities came other capabilities as well. The internet is also a place where you can waste an unlimited amount of time browsing social media, forums, or watching videos and movies. Restricting employee access to work related websites is something BrowseControl specializes in, making it more and more important as the internet grows.

Launch of BrowseReporter

In 2004 CurrentWare expanded their product line to include BrowseReporter, a tool that allows users to monitor and generate reports on what URLs their employees were visiting. We found that some employers didn’t want to fully limit what their employees were doing, but instead just be able to watch their employees’ activities. They felt being watched would force their employees to stay away from leisurely browsing the internet.

The launch of BrowseReporter ushered in a new era of expansion for BrowseControl, releasing two new products in rapid succession 2 years later, AccessPatrol and enPowerManager. AccessPatrol was a reaction to the rise of USB sticks, as data could now easily and instantly be stolen from work. Security software was needed to prevent this, and so AccessPatrol, the endpoint security solution, was created. enPowerManager was a reaction to rising electrical costs, as a cheap and easy way to control the power schedules of PC’s. But why wait? Join us and try our products now; the full version of the CurrentWare Suite is free for 14 days. Our products already allow you to restrict internet access and monitor internet usage, you could increase productivity today. All it takes is one download and an easy installation.