Drill down into dashboard data

On your dashboard, you can drill into websites, applications, and categories to see more user information behind the data. 

  1. Go to BrowseReporter > Dashboard
  2. Click on any websites, applications or categories to see more details
  3. In the drill down page, you will see the total active/idle time spent, number of users, last time used, and usage.
Software usage tracking dashboard showing active time, idle time, user data, and last used time

In the dashboard of BrowseReporter, you can navigate to the “Productivity” tab or a customized dashboard featuring a productivity bar graph.

Here, you have the option to choose from productive, unproductive, or neutral bar graphs, and subsequently view a detailed breakdown of the websites and applications activities by clicking on any of the bars.

  1. Go to BrowseReporter > Dashboard
  2. Click on the Productivity tab or any custom dashboard with the productivity bar graph
  3. Click on any of the bar graphs to see the activities that encompass the data.

By using the BrowseReporter productivity tab and bar graphs, users can gain insights into their internet usage habits, identify time-wasting websites or applications, and make informed decisions on how to optimize their time and increase their productivity.