How do I grade the websites & applications for the productivity score?

There are three ways to grade your websites and applications for the productivity score.

  1. Productivity Score Graded by Websites & Applications
  2. Productivity Score Graded by Categories
  3. Productivity Score Graded by Group VS Global Setting

On the BrowseReporter Dashboard, click on the bar graph icon Productivity_Icon on the top right-hand corner and select Productivity Grading. 

Productivity Score Graded by Websites & Applications

This table is sorted by the most popular websites and applications in your organization from the last 30 days. 

Select the websites/apps using the checkboxes. You can select multiple items to initiate the bulk action. From the top of the list, you can choose the desired productivity grade to apply to all the selected websites/apps

Start by grading as many websites and applications that you recognize. Use the search bar and the advanced filters to help you narrow down your results. 

Productivity Score Graded by Categories

This is the simplest way to grade your website productivity. Simply grade the website categories that are related to your business as productive and any websites browsed by you users that are part of those categories will be automatically marked as productive. 

By default, BrowseReporter is grading some of the business oriented categories as productive and distracting categories as unproductive. 

The website categories are curated from a live database that is updated on a daily basis with websites that are categorized based on the content of the websites.

Once you’ve customized the gradings according to your organization’s standards, you will be able to benchmark the productivity score across your departments and users. 

Group Grading

Certain groups may need different grades from the global setting. A common group to need this is likely your marketing teams. Their key roles on social network mediums may be considered productive VS a regular end user.

By selecting Group Grading you will be provided the Group Grading page to adjust grades per group.

Once in the group grading page, type in your group(s) and choose the appropriate grade for the selected sites or applications.

If you have any questions you can contact our technical support team at or 1-888-912-9619 x 2

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