What are the pricing plans for CurrentWare?

CurrentWare’s pricing plan is simple and affordable. We offer perpetual licenses. This is an one time fee and you’ll own the licenses forever.

What will you get with your purchase?

  • A permanent license key for each solution (most current version to your purchase date)
  • 1 year of product upgrades
  • 1 year of technical support

Do you offer Bundle Discount?

Yes! Bundle discount is applied to the CurrentWare Suite, which includes all 4 of our solutions (BrowseControl, BrowseReporter, AccessPatrol, and enPowerManager).

Can I buy one product or do I have to buy the entire suite?

You can choose between each of the 4 solutions to buy from and pay the individual cost or bundle all 4 together to get the best deal.

Where will I receive my CurrentWare Licenses?

Licenses will be delivered electronically by email within 1 business day after you place your order.

What benefit do I get from renewing my maintenance?

Renewing your CurrentWare maintenance plan ensures that you are eligible for the latest CurrentWare licenses for the latest upgrade, which includes new features, product enhancements, and bug fixes. You are also entitled to receive technical support from our dedicated support team.

What is BrowseControl’s Category Filtering subscription add-on?

BrowseControl is our web filtering solution. By default, you can restrict Internet access by adding website URLs to the blocked list.

We partnered up with an industry-leading website classification company that assist with categorizing websites. In order to use category filtering, BrowseControl sends the website URL to the 3rd party category server to determine which category it belongs to. And restricts the website appropriately based on your category blocked list. For example, if you block the “Sports” category, every time a user goes to a sports website (i.e. ESPN.com), BrowseControl sends a request to the 3rd party category server to confirm that ESPN.com belongs to the
“Sports” category before it blocks the website.

This service is an optional add-on for our BrowseControl customers. It is subscription-based because you will be subscribing to their service.

Do you offer Enterprise Pricing?

CurrentWare offers special enterprise prices for companies interested in purchasing 250+ licenses.

Do you offer Reseller/MSP Pricing?

To be eligible for reseller or MSP pricing, you will need to sign up to become a reseller or a MSP.

Do you offer Academic Pricing?

CurrentWare offers special enterprise prices for companies interested in purchasing 250+ licenses.