Web Console Login Issues

When the CurrentWare Web Console is not configured properly, you will encounter the error message

"Error connecting to the server."

Here are some recommendations for fixing your login issues.

  1. Fix your Web Console app-config file
  2. Clear your browser cache
  3. Set up your Port Forwarding rules
  4. Ensure ASP .Net Core Module v2 is installed

1. Fix your Web Console app-config.json file

App-config.json is one of the CurrentWare Web Console configuration file. When the CurrentWare app-config.json file is misconfigured, your browser will not be able to communicate with the CurrentWare Server and database properly.

This can happen when:

  • I renamed my CurrentWare Server.
  • I changed my Rest API port in the IIS manager.

To fix this issue, verify the app-config.json file:

  1. On your cwserver comptuer, browse to to C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\cwWebConsole\WebConsole\app-config.json
  2. Right click the app-config.json file and open with notepad.
  3. Your configuration should look like this:
  1. Replace the computer-name with the hostname of your cwServer.
  2. Go to start menu > search IIS and open the IIS manager
  3. On the left hand side, expand the list to Sites > RestAPI. Right click on it > Manage Website > Restart.
  4. Select Sites > WebConsole. Right click on it > Manage Website > Restart.
  5. Go to CWSM > Database > Selection and apply the current database selection (Firebird or SQL) once again to update the correct connection string.

2. Clear your Browser Cache

Why does my Web Console login screen open on one web browser but won’t open on a different one?

This issue is usually caused by a caching issue of your web browser. To do solve this issue you will need to clear the Cache of the browser that the Web Console will not open on.

3. Set up your Port Forwarding Rules

I setup my Port Forwarding rules for the correct ports. I can access it on my network but not from another remote location.

After port forwarding, a change must be done on the following JSON file to include the public URL.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare Web Console\WebConsole folder and find the app-config.json file.
  2. Right-click on the file and click Edit to open the editor window to edit the API URL.
  3. Replace the SystemName/IP address with your public IP Address.
  4. Example: Existing entry is “http://webconsole:8997/api/ then replace it with “
  5. Then go to IIS manager, and restart Rest API and Web Console websites from the right-hand menu.

4. Ensure ASP .Net Core Module v2 is installed

I still am unable to login to the Web Console

Check that your Rest API is running and that the ASP .Net Core Module v2 is installed.

  1. Go to start menu > search IIS and open the IIS manager
  2. In the left-hand menu, choose to expand your PC name and choose the Sites folder. Make sure the RestAPI and WebConsole are showing Started under the Status column
  1. Double click the RestAPI site.
  2. Find and select to open the Modules option
  1. Sort the name column and ensure that the AspNetCoreModulev2 is in the list.
  1. If the AspNetCoreModulev2 is not there you will need to repair/reinstall the ASPNetCore3.1.6. You can download and install it from the Microsoft site
  2. After running the installer to repair/reinstall the ASPNetCore3.1.6 module, go back to your IIS, choose your RestAPI site and choose to restart it from the right-hand menu.