With BrowseReporter you can generate comprehensive reports with ease using BrowseReporter’s intuitive interface. Gain valuable insights from browsing behavior, user engagement, and performance metrics.

Video Guide To Run Report

Running a Report

You can easily access the robust reporting features in BrowseReporter.

Steps to run reports:

  1. Login to your CurrentWare Web Console and Select “BrowseReporter” from the left-hand menu
  2. Select the “Manage” option from the left-hand menu
  3. Choose the first red circle named “Run Reports”
  4. In this list you will have a ton of different options and criteria drop downs for each report available.
  1. Under “Report Type” there is a drop down with a vast selection of reporting data available to you.
  1. Different Reports will have different “Criteria” options
  1. Under “Computers/Users” you can select which PCs or User accounts you want to run the report for.
    • NOTE: The reports can look different based on which reporting style you choose.
  1. For the “Reporting period” select the date you would like to see the data for
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last N Days (enter the number)
    • Last Month
    • Custom
    • All
  2. Select the “RUN REPORT” button to generate the report.
  3. Your report will now run as a .PDF


  • If it is your first time running a report. You may get a browser pop-up that is blocking the report from running. LEARN MORE

Setting Up Report Profiles

If you want to have any reports automatically emailed to you, or saved so you can run a report with a click of a button, you can save the report type settings as a Report Profile.

To setup a profile:

  1. Select the “Report Type”
  2. Choose the “Criteria” if available
  3. Select the “Users/PCs” you want to run the report for
  4. Choose the “Reporting Period” to run data for.
    • NOTE: If you setup are setting up an automated email report, take in account the date selected for the profile and the time you select for sending the report.
  1. Choose “Save Profile”
    • Give your report a friendly name that is easy to remember!
  2. You should see your report under the “Report Profile” dropdown at the top.

Setup Automated Email Reports

You can use the Email Reports feature to setup automated report emails.

See the steps here on setting up those scheduled emails.

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