To help you monitor the computer usage of your workforce BrowseReporter includes both prefabricated reports and user activity dashboards. This article will focus on the reports.

BrowseReporter offers 4 types of activity reports when monitoring your employees’ computer activities:

  • Websites Visited
  • Categories Visited
  • Bandwidth Consumption
  • Application Usage

Here’s a list of all the BrowseReporter activity reports with sample report previews.

Websites Visited

1Sites VisitedDetailedWebsites, Titles, Start Date, Active Time, Total TimePreview
2Top Domains by Browsing TimeSummaryDomains, Active Time, Total TimePreview
3Top Domains by HitsSummaryDomains, Hits
4Total Browsing TimeGroup SummaryComputers, Active Time, Total TimePreview
5Keywords Searched by HitsDetailedKeywords, Search Engine, Hits
6Keywords Searched by TimeDetailedKeywords, Search Engine, Search DatePreview
7Employee ProductivityDashboardProductivity score, Productive/Unproductive Categories, Custom DomainsPreview
8Graph – Hourly Active Browsing TimeSummaryActive Time and HoursPreview
9Graph – Weekly Active Browsing TimeSummaryActive Time and DaysPreview
10Graph – Top 10 PCs by Active Browsing TimeGroup SummaryComputers and Active Time
11Graph – Top 10 Domains by Active Browsing TimeGroup SummaryDomains and Active TimePreview

Categories Visited

1URL Categories VisitedDetailedDomain, Category, Block Status, Start Date, Active Time, Total TimePreview
2Top Categories by Browsing TimeSummaryCategory, Active Time, Total TimePreview
3Category Drill DownDrill downCategories, Users, Domains
4Social Media ActivitiesDetailedWebsites, Start Date, Active Time, Total TimePreview

Bandwidth Usage

1Bandwidth Usage by URLDetailedDomain, Sent, ReceivedPreview
2Daily Bandwidth UsageSummaryDate, Sent, ReceivedPreview
3Total Bandwidth UsageGroup SummaryComputers, Sent, Received

Application Usage

1Top Applications by Active TimeSummaryApplications, Active Time, PercentagePreview
2Specific Applications UsageSummaryApplications, Date, Active Time
3Application Usage by HourDetailedGraph, Applications, Hourly Active TimePreview
4Active & Idle time with Logon & Logoff Events
NOTE: This report requires the enPowerManager solution.
SummaryActive Time and %, Idle Time and %, Login Times, Logoff Times Preview

Find more examples of usages and reports here:

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