What’s New with CurrentWare version 5.4.2 Release

We have released our latest version of CurrentWare, version 5.4.2!

We listened to your feedback and suggestions, made some changes, fixed bugs, enhanced functionality and added new features to CurrentWare. 

Here’s what’s new with version 5.4.2:

  • Moved the cwClient to a different folder
  • Improved BrowseReporter’s data upload process with web services
  • Added monthly frequency with email reports
  • BrowseControl URL filter is now compatible with IP addresses
  • Improved performance on FireFox browser with BrowseControl
  • Fixed bugs with BrowseReporter’s reports

New cwClient Folder

Previously we had theclient files in the following file path:

We have now changed the directory of these files to:

Changing the location of these files will make our software more AV friendly so when you exclude the cwClient, you can just exclude the entire folder.

BrowseReporter’s Improved data upload Process

We included a new port to upload BrowseReporter’s data. We have added the web service port which will improve the performance of BrowseReporter’s data upload.

Monthly Email Reports

We listened to your suggestions and have now added monthly frequency for scheduled e-mail reports! You can now schedule reports to be sent to your e-mail address monthly.

BrowseControl URL filter can filter IP addresses

We listened to your requests and now BrowseControl’s URL filter can filter IP addresses! BrowseControl can now allow or block IP addresses.

BrowseControl and FireFox improved performance

In our previous releases, we listened to your feedback on the issues with FireFox’s speed performance with BrowseControl. In version 5.4.2 FireFox now runs and performs more smoothly than ever so that you don’t have to change your web browser of preference.

BrowseReporter’s Fixed bugs

We logged all of your issues and found that BrowseReporter had some common issues which we fixed in version 5.4.2! BrowseReporter now performs better than before.

Upgrading CurrentWare to v5.4.2

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to version 5.4.2, follow the step-by-step instructions on the upgrade page:

Do you need a new license key?

If you are upgrading from v5.3.X and below: You will need to register CurrentWare with a new license key.
You can request your new 5.4.2 key here: https://www.currentware.com/licensing-help/

If you are upgrading from v5.4.X: Your existing license key will work.

Back up before you upgrade

Before you upgrade, please back up your CurrentWare database file located on your CurrentWare Server under this directory

\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer\CWNPFB.CWD (64-bit)

Andy Phan
Andy Phan
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