What’s new with CurrentWare version 5.5.1

We’ve made some major feature improvements across our CurrentWare solutions and fixed a few bugs to make the CurrentWare Console perform faster and easier. 

New console integration: Active Directory sync

Managing your users in the CurrentWare Console is now easier with Active Directory sync. With Active Directory Sync enabled, the CurrentWare Console will mimic your Active Directory structure. It will automatically add new OUs and users whenever you update your AD. This new feature will simplify your console management. 

Tracking web page titles to give the Sites Visited report more details

When you run BrowseReporter’s Sites Visited report, you will now see a new column for web page titles. This will help you uncover your employees’ productivity level based on what type of content they are consuming.

Previously, if your employees were watching videos on Youtube.com, you weren’t able to tell if they were watching a work-related video. By capturing web page titles, you will now be able to identify the names of the videos they were watching. Perhaps your employees were watching a tutorial video to sharpen their presentation skills for an upcoming work conference or they were wasting time watching the latest celebrity gossip. With the new report, you will have this information readily available.

Improved Idle Time Tracking to detect mouse & keyboard movement

Another improvement to BrowseReporter’s report is Idle Time Tracking. BrowseReporter can now measure how long your users are away from their computers based on their mouse and keyboard movement. In most situations, when there is no movement from a user’s mouse or keyboard for a long period of time, their computer is considered idle. When this happens, BrowseReporter will shift the tracking from Active Time to Idle Time.

This feature will remove unwanted data activities when a user forgets to log off their computer after office hours.

Bandwidth Tracking optimized for Youtube videos

Most users are not aware of the fact that Chrome delivers website content through both TCP and UDP protocol (via QUIC). Whereas, traditional Internet browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, only use TCP protocol by default. BrowseReporter’s bandwidth tracking is now fully optimized on both TCP and UDP protocol. With this update, bandwidth data from Youtube videos and other websites that utilize QUIC will be tracked accurately. 

Bolstering the Device Permissions policies

You will now get better control over Imaging devices. The new Imaging Devices are split into two subclasses 1) Scanners and 2) Cameras & Webcams. You can now choose to block one or the other without blocking both imaging devices.

AccessPatrol can now control printers and network shared folders. With the new additional devices, you will have full access control on 20 external devices.

A new option is added to CD/DVD blocking to give administrator the ability to block CD/DVD burning applications.

Tracking file sizes on the File Operation History report

With this new feature, the File Operation History report will have a new column displaying the size of the files transferred. Sorting this column will let you uncover users that transfer large files to their external devices. This will increase the security of your endpoints by easily detecting any abnormal data transfers.

Enhanced CurrentWare Console configurations

For our customers using all 4 solutions, we’ve made it easier to manage email settings for email reports and email alerts. The email settings for BrowseReporter and AccessPartrol are merged into one. 

To accommodate the new normal, companies with a growing remote workforce will be happy to hear that CurrentWare’s client connections have been upgraded to support IPv6 addresses across LAN and WAN, which includes Microsoft Direct Access VPN.

Fully compatible with the new Edge Chromium

All of our solutions are fully compatible with the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

Upgrading to version 5.5

Here are some resources to help you upgrade to version 5.5 of CurrentWare successfully:

Requesting your version 5.5 license key

After you upgrading to CurrentWare v5.5, you will need to register your software with the latest license key. Click on the button below to request for your v.5.5 license key.

Watch us give an overview of the new features on YouTube

We hosted a 30-minute webinar a week after the official release to show users the exciting new changes in version 5.5. We recorded that webinar and uploaded the video to our CurrentWare Youtube Channel. You can watch it from this link: https://youtu.be/ga2IDqTUq4Y

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.