How do I whitelist allowed websites?

BrowseControl gives IT administrators the ability to block all websites except for a specified allowed list and whitelist specific websites.

  • This method is best used when the internet access of a given user/computer needs to be strictly regulated to a list of approved websites
  • This method can also be used to customize your BrowseControl strategy alongside the category filtering method by allowing access to specific websites that would normally be blocked in one of the categories selected in the Internet Category Filtering feature.

How to Restrict Internet Access with an Allowed List

  1. On the CurrentWare Console, select the group of computers/users you want to manage.
  2. Under the BrowseControl menu, click on Internet and select OFF. This will disable their Internet access completely.
  3. Click on the URL Filter to modify your Allowed list.
  4. Enter the URLs that you want to allow in the text box on the bottom left-hand corner of the window. Click on the Add button.
  5. Click the “Allowed List” tab on the right pane.
  6. Select all the URLs you wish to make available to the Client computers,
  7. Click on the button to move the entries to the Allowed List on the right pane.
  8. Click Apply to Clients.
  9. Once enforced, your end users will only have access to the websites on the Allowed List.
CurrentWare URL filter console open with company websites added to the allowed list.

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