Web Console Shows HTTP Error 503 – Service Unavailable

CurrentWare runs using Microsoft IIS(Internet Information Services) and this problem usually occurs when Exchange (or web page with similar behavior) is hosted on the IIS.

Verifying & Solution

To verify that this issue is occuring:

  1. Open both the RestAPI (localhost:8997) and Web Console (localhost:8998) pages. They should both be showing an error 503 page.
  2. When you investigate through IIS, you can see that the application pool will start and then stop when trying to open the Web console. 
  3. The Windows Event Viewer will show an error that repeats. “iis-w3svc-wp” – Code 2282. “
    This is related to the bitness that the application pools are being run as.


  1. Open IIS and go to Application Pools
  2. Right-click on RestAPI > Advanced Settings
  3. Under (General) > change “Enable 32-bit Applications” to FALSE
  4. Repeat for WebConsole Application Pool
  5. Restart IIS, Close your browser and try to access the RestAPI(localhost:8997 – this should give you a 404 page) and Web Console (localhost:8998 – this should open the Web Console)

You should now be able to log in.

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