Web Console Shows HTTP Error 500.31 – ANCM Failed to Find Native Dependencies in IIS

CurrentWare runs using Microsoft IIS(Internet Information Services) and this problem usually occurs when the PC or Server fails to properly install some of the IIS Dependancies.

To test if your Server is having this issue you can check through the browser on your local machine or network where the CurrentWare Server is installed.


  1. Open up your browser on the CurrentWare server and check the url localhost:8997.
    You should get:
    Rest API Page
    If you are having this issue, the RestAPI page will give you the error code HTTP Error 500.31 – ANCM Failed to Find Native Dependencies in IIS.
    Error 500.31 http
Important note: these entries can also be found in the event viewer. It should show you which dependency is causing the error and prompt you to install it. Make sure you use the proper installer for the error that it shows (.NETx86 or .NETx64).
  1. Run the Installer to reinstall the .NET dependencies.
    NOTE: Here are the 3 dependencies’ that the Web Console installs. You may need to uninstall these from add/remove programs to push the installer fix through.
    NET Dependancies
  2. Open your command line and type in IISRESET to restart your IIS instance or restart it through the IIS Management tool.
  3. You should now be able to open the Web Console and log in.

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