How can I change my CurrentWare Web Console password?

To change password you originally setup for your CurrentWare Web Console, you will need to log into your CurrentWare Web Console. If you have lost or forgotten all login credentials for the CurrentWare Web Console, please see How do I reset/retrieve my CurrentWare Client or CurrentWare Console passwords?

Changing the operator password:

  1. Launch the CurrentWare Web Console.
  2. On the menu select Settings > Change Operators Password.
  3. Fill in the Current Password and the New Password fields.
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page to change to your new password.

Use a CurrentWare Administrator account to change or update your password:

  1. If you are logged into a CurrentWare Web Console Administrator account, you can change passwords for other Operators.
  2. On the menu select Settings > Operators.
  3. Checkmark the User you need to update a password for.
  4. Choose the Edit Operator option.
  5. Enter the new Password is the Password field and complete it by pressing Update at the bottom of the screen.

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