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CurrentWare Overview

A comprehensive overview of CurrentWare’s Employee Monitoring and Endpoint Security Solution for your organization

Hello! Today I will be showing you all of the solutions available in the CurrentWare Suite. Each solution can be purchased individually for the greatest flexibility or as a bundle for the best value. 

The CurrentWare suite can monitor and manage remote, on-premises, and hybrid users, making them ideal tools for managing the productivity and security of a remote workforce.

Alright, let’s get started.

With the CurrentWare web console you can manage policies, review dashboards, and run user activity reports from the convenience of a web browser. 

Your CurrentWare solutions are installed and managed by your company either on-premises or on a virtual machine hosted by a cloud service provider of your choice, giving you full control over your data.

CurrentWare is also a Citrix-ready partner, making Windows VDI deployments simple for your organization.

The CurrentWare Suite includes:

  • AccessPatrol: Device control software 
  • BrowseControl: Internet filtering software
  • BrowseReporter: Employee computer monitoring software 
  • And enPowerManager: Remote PC power manager

Each solution allows you to apply unique policies for each group of users or computers. These policies will be enforced even when the computers are disconnected from the network.

Let’s start with AccessPatrol

With AccessPatrol you can:

  • Use the USB activity dashboards to monitor how portable storage devices and other peripherals are being used in your organization
  • Restrict a variety of peripherals including USB storage devices, phones, and Bluetooth
  • Add approved peripherals to an Allowed List
  • Get device activity reports on-demand, at a set schedule, or when specific events occur
  • And Block file transfers to USB devices based on file name or extension

With BrowseControl you can:

  • Control internet access based on URLs and content categories
  • Schedule unique allow or block lists
  • Prevent users from launching specific applications
  • And block network ports

Let’s move on to BrowseReporter

With BrowseReporter you can:

  • Use the computer activity dashboards to track metrics such as productivity, web browsing, application usage, bandwidth consumption, and active vs idle time of your entire workforce, specific groups, or specific users
  • You can generate user activity reports on-demand, at a set schedule, or when specific events occur
  • Capture screenshots of your users’ desktops
  • And schedule activity tracking to stop monitoring your users at designated off-hours times such as breaks. 

Finally, with enPowerManager you can:

  • Generate reports on computer power states and logon-logoff times
  • Start up, shut down, restart, standby, and hibernate computers on a set schedule or on-demand
  • Configure advanced power policies for mobile computers
  • And provide your end-users with a warning message before their computers shut down

If you would like to try out CurrentWare for yourself you can instantly get a free trial at or book a demo with our sales team at

This video is current as of version 7.0, which was released in February 2022. For the most up-to-date information on the latest features please visit our release notes at

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