Troubleshooting Logs

Starting from version 8.0, the web console now has a Troubleshooting section that provides access to logs for troubleshooting purposes. Administrators no longer have to reach out to Currentware Support for the first level of troubleshooting as they can handle it on their own.

To access the logs, simply go to the “Tools” tab and navigate to the “Troubleshooting” section. From here, you can choose a client PC that is giving you issues and request access to view one of the four available logs.

Client Logs

The Client Log is an essential tool that provides comprehensive information about the client’s details, including their version number, connection status, licensing information, and any start-up errors that may have occurred.

Upload Logs

The Upload Log is designed to keep track of the client’s upload activities, including a record of successful and unsuccessful uploads from the client to the server. This log helps to ensure that data is being uploaded correctly and quickly identifies any issues that may arise during the upload process.

Category Logs

The Category Log, similar to the Blocked URL Log, displays the categories that have been blocked by the administrator for a specific PC. This log provides a clear understanding of the restrictions imposed by the administrator and helps to manage the PC’s security

Blocked URL Log

The Blocked URL Log displays all the URLs that have been blocked by the administrator for a specific PC. This log provides an accurate record of the blocks imposed by the administrator, making it easy to manage the PC’s security and access to websites. | See Also: How to use cwBlockedURL.log to identify blocked websites