Troubleshoot Web Console Issues

If you are having issues with your Web Console, this page will give you a rundown of the various troubleshooting steps that can help solve your individual issue.

Login issues

If you are having login issues the troubleshooting steps for can be found here.

Unable to create/delete/rename or change from PC to User mode on Web Console

If a Rest API module called WebDAV is installed on the local IIS(Internet Information Services), it may not allow the Rest API to perform any creation/deletion/renaming or changing of select settings on the Web Console.

To solve this Uninstall WebDAV from the IIS

  1. Open IIS by searching IIS or going to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
  2. Expand RestAPI
  3. Double click modules to view the installed modules.
  4. Search for WebDAV module.
  5. Right click and remove.

I cannot choose any of the features from the menu on my web console

If you are attempting to use any of the menu bar options within the web console and the buttons are a light shade of red like below, you need to unselect checkmarked PC’s from the console selection.

As you see the left console has no PC selected from the group folders below and allows access to all features. The right console is actively managing Client PCs and will not allow you to select features before finishing.

Contact Support

If you are still experiencing issues with CurrentWare, please contact our support team at or call 1-888-912-9619 x 4