AccessPatrol can track file uploads and downloads, showing you the date and time, file type and name, and the website domain from where it was downloaded or uploaded.

To learn how to block file uploads/downloads, see this article.

Enabling upload and download tracking

In the AccessPatrol settings, enable the appropriate options

Also ensure that Advanced HTTPS Filtering is selected

NOTE: This feature requires an active subscription with both the AccessPatrol and BrowseControl solutions.

Customizing the types of files shown using the Exclusion List

If you find the amount of information being presented to be excessive, you have the option to customize the file types shown in the dashboard, by making use of the Exclusion List.

The Exclusion List is a set of files that will be hidden from the dashboard view.  You may wish to exclude image files for example, or tmp files created by applications.  Do this by clicking on “Exclusion List” in the Activity Log, selecting the Files tab, then selecting whether to exclude by file name or file extension, along with the name/extension to exclude.

Some suggested file types can be imported by using the option “Import suggested files to filter data noise”.

Does it work for “Sync” applications or drives?

CurrentWare can also track select Sync style applications/drives. Think of these as the applications that run on your PC that look like native network drives, but are cloud based.

NOTE: This feature is under constant development and new providers are added regularly.

Cloud Sync DriveUpload TrackingDownload Tracking
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive

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