SQL Server Database and Password FAQS

This page has some of the most frequently asked questions with how your SQL server interacts with CurrentWare.

What is the default SA password for the CurrentWare SQL database?

The CurrentWare installer is prepackaged with SQL Express. If you don’t have SQL installed on the computer you’re planning to install the CurrentWare Server, it will install it with the following credentials:

SQL Account Name: sa
SQL Account Password: Currentware123!

Where is the CurrentWare SQL Database stored?

By default your CurrentWare SQL Database will be stored locally at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL15.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA

To do any changes to your SQL database you must install the SQL Server Management Studio.

  1. You can find that download here.
  • Go to the link provided.
  • Click on Download SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).
  • Once downloaded run the SSMS setup file.
  • Follow the prompts to fully install SSMS.
  1. Once SSMS is installed you can type sql server management studio into the Start menu and open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Choose to connect with Windows Authentication and hit connect.
  3. Expand the groups under the Object Explorer by using the +/- tabs betside the folders. You want to Expand the Server > Security > Logins folders.
  1. Double-click the sa login user.
  1. Enter the new password in the password & confirm password fields and hit OK. Make sure to record this password securely to not forget your database password.