Remove Unused CurrentWare Solutions

If you are using only single solutions of CurrentWare and not the whole CurrentWare Suite, you have the ability to remove the solutions that would have been installed during the setup.

Removing unused solutions
  1. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwConsole and run the cwConsole.exe inside the folder.
  2. This opens the Legacy Console. Login to access.
  3. Go to Help > Licensing.
  4. Select the unused solution and select Remove. You can re-add solutions later if needed.
    • WARNING: All data related to the solution when removed will be deleted at this time.
  5. Repeat if there are multiple solutions you want to remove. Be careful not to remove in-use solutions.

Note: If your remove button is greyed out, you must select the solution you want to remove.

CurrentWare solution removal

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